Plan communications

The communication plan is a key element to an Intune migration. The following tools and templates are provided to assist you in educating end users. The Intune Adoption Kit includes email templates, an Intune Enrollment guide, and links to instructional videos for end user enrollment.

Download: Intune Adoption Kit

Email templates

We recommend the following email communication plan. You may edit the text to align to your users' operating system and environment. We've provided templates for you to adapt for your communication plan:

  • Email #1: Explain the benefits, expectations, and schedule. Take this opportunity to showcase any other new services whose access will be granted on devices managed by Intune.

  • Email #2: Announce that services are now ready for access through Intune. Tell users to enroll now. Give users a timeline before their access is affected. Remind users of benefits and strategic reasons for migration.

After a certain period, you can begin enforcing compliance through Conditional Access policies and use it as criteria to access corporate data, as explained in Drive end-user adoption with Conditional Access.

Intune Enrollment Guide

We provide both PDF and Word versions of the Intune Enrollment Guide. You can provide the PDF to your users as-is, or customize the Word version to include your internal resources and contact information. You are encouraged to edit the Enrollment Guide to reflect the appropriate operating systems that are applicable to your users' environment.

The End User Enrollment Guide includes links to more detailed instructions associated with each operating system, and the videos mentioned below.

Instructional videos

We have created short, step-by-step videos to aid your users in easily enrolling their devices in Intune.

Next steps

Intune has additional resources you can use to promote device enrollment with your users: