Planning for MBAM 2.5

This topic lists the tasks, prerequisites, and requirements that you need to complete when you are planning to deploy Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) 2.5.

Planning information

  • Preparing your Environment for MBAM 2.5

    This section describes the installation prerequisites, Group Policy settings, groups and accounts, and website security that are required before you deploy MBAM.

  • Planning to Deploy MBAM 2.5

    This section describes the minimum hardware and software requirements for installing the MBAM Client and configuring the MBAM Server features, and describes the MBAM Server features to be deployed and the order in which to deploy them. It also explains how to configure a highly available environment and lists some security considerations to be aware of.

  • MBAM 2.5 Planning Checklist

    This section provides a planning checklist that can assist you in MBAM deployment planning.

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