Monetize your Office 365 add-in through Microsoft Commercial Marketplace

We’re making it easier for customers to discover bundled solutions and deploy across Microsoft Teams, Office, SharePoint, and other Microsoft applications.

You can submit a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) application with connected add-ins, apps, and extensions and reach Microsoft customers through AppSource, in addition to selling your service through partners and through the Microsoft sales team.

Monetize your add-in by using Partner Center to submit your service for purchase as a SaaS offer; for example, you can offer your service for a set price per user per month. For your customers, your add-in will be free to download, but will require a license to your service.

In this monetization model, your add-in is authenticated by your SaaS offering, which verifies its subscription status with the Microsoft SaaS service. Your responses from this service are used to update your user database. The following diagram shows this model.

New monetization model

New monetization model

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Starting July 29th 2019, we will no longer accept new paid add-in submissions to AppSource. Customers will be able to purchase Existing paid add-ins in AppSource until January 2020. They will then be hidden from the store, but still be available for existing users. If these add-ins have not been migrated by July 2020, they will be removed from AppSource and for existing users. For details, see Moving from paid to free add-ins.

We will provide additional migration information in the near future.