Application.OnRepeat method (Excel)

Sets the Repeat item and the name of the procedure that will run if you choose the Repeat command after running the procedure that sets this property.


expression.OnRepeat (Text, Procedure)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Text Required String The text that appears with the Repeat command.
Procedure Required String The name of the procedure that will be run when you choose the Repeat command.


If a procedure doesn't use the OnRepeat method, the Repeat command repeats the procedure that was run most recently.

The procedure must use the OnRepeat and OnUndo methods last to prevent the repeat and undo procedures from being overwritten by subsequent actions in the procedure.


This example sets the repeat and undo procedures.

Application.OnRepeat "Repeat VB Procedure", _ 
Application.OnUndo "Undo VB Procedure", _ 

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