2.2.2 Elements

Elements of the E-mail class are defined in five namespaces: Email, Email2, AirSyncBase, Tasks, and RightsManagement. All elements defined in the Email namespace and the Email2 namespace, as well as the top-level elements imported from the AirSyncBase namespace, Tasks namespace, and RightsManagement namespace, are specified in this document. However, elements defined in the AirSyncBase namespace are further specified in [MS-ASAIRS].

The elements are defined in the Email namespace, except where indicated by the presence of a namespace prefix, as defined in section 2.2.1. A prefix is used for an element in the Email namespace only where necessary to disambiguate the element from another one of the same name.

The following table summarizes the set of common XML schema elements that are defined by this specification. Elements that are specific to a particular operation are specified further in sections,,,,, and

Element name


email2:Bcc (section

Specifies the blind carbon copy (Bcc) recipients of an email.

email2:IsDraft (section

Specifies whether an email is a draft.

email2:Send (section

Specifies whether an email is to be saved as a draft or sent.

To (section

Specifies the list of recipients.

Cc (section

Specifies the list of secondary recipients.

From (section

Specifies the e-mail address of the message sender.

Subject (section

Specifies the subject of the e-mail message.

ReplyTo (section

Specifies the e-mail address to which replies will be addressed by default.

DateReceived (section

Specifies the date and time that the message was received on the server.

DisplayTo (section

Specifies the names of the primary recipients of the message.

ThreadTopic (section

Specifies the topic used in conversation threading.

Importance (section

Specifies the importance of the message, as determined by the sender.

Read (section

Specifies whether the message has been read.

airsyncbase:Attachments (section

Specifies the collection of airsyncbase:Attachment elements.

Attachments (section

Specifies the collection of email:Attachment elements.

Attachment (section

Specifies the e-mail attachment.

AttName (section

Specifies the location of the attachment file to be retrieved from the server.

AttSize (section

Specifies the estimated size, in bytes, of the attachment file.

AttOid (section

Specifies the unique identifier of the attachment.

AttMethod (section

Specifies the method in which the file was attached.

DisplayName (section

Specifies the name of the attachment file as displayed to the user.

email2:UmAttOrder (section

Specifies the order of electronic voice mail attachments.

email2:UmAttDuration (section

Specifies the duration of electronic voicemail attachments.

airsyncbase:Body (section

Specifies a description of the body text, along with its data.

Body (section

Contains the body of an email message that is retrieved from the server.

BodySize (section

Specifies the full size, in characters, of the email message body.

BodyTruncated (section

Indicates whether the body of the email message was truncated when sent from the server.

MIMEData (section

Contains the raw Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) data of an email message that is retrieved from the server.

MIMESize (section

Specifies either the size, in characters, of the string returned in the MIMEData element, if the server returns untruncated MIME data, or the original size, in characters, of the MIME data, if the server returns truncated MIME data.

MIMETruncated (section

Indicates whether the MIMEData element contains truncated data.

MessageClass (section

Specifies the message class of this e-mail message.

MeetingRequest (section

Specifies a meeting request accompanying an e-mail message.

AllDayEvent (section

Specifies whether the calendar item is an all-day event.

StartTime (section

Specifies the date and time that the meeting starts.

DtStamp (section

Specifies the date and time that the calendar item was created.

EndTime (section

Specifies the date and time that the meeting ends.

InstanceType (section

Specifies the type of calendar item.

Location (section

Specifies the location for the calendar item.

Organizer (section

Specifies the e-mail alias of the meeting organizer.

RecurrenceId (section

Specifies a specific instance of a recurring calendar item.

Reminder (section

Specifies the number of seconds prior to the calendar item's start time that a reminder is displayed.

ResponseRequested (section

Specifies whether the originator of the meeting has requested a response.

Recurrences (section

Specifies a collection of Recurrence elements.

Recurrence (section

Specifies a collection of Recurrence elements that describe when and how often this meeting recurs.

Type (section

Specifies the recurrence type of the recurring meeting.

Interval (section

Specifies the interval between recurrences of the recurring meeting.

Until (section

Specifies the end time of a series of recurrence meetings.

Occurrences (section

Specifies the number of occurrences before the series of recurring meeting ends.

WeekOfMonth (section

Specifies the week of the month of the recurring meeting.

DayOfMonth (section

Specifies the day of the month of the recurring meeting.

DayOfWeek (section

Specifies the day of the week of the recurring meeting.

MonthOfYear (section

Specifies the month of the year of the recurring meeting.

email2:CalendarType (section

Specifies the type of calendar associated with the recurrence.

email2:IsLeapMonth (section

Specifies whether the recurrence takes place in the leap month of the given year.

email2:FirstDayOfWeek (section

Specifies the day that is considered the first day of the calendar week for this recurrence.

Sensitivity (section

Specifies the confidentiality level of the meeting request.

BusyStatus (section

Specifies the intended busy status for the meeting request.

TimeZone (section

Specifies the time zone specified when the calendar item was created.

GlobalObjId (section

Specifies a hexadecimal ID generated by the client for the meeting request.

DisallowNewTimeProposal (section

Specifies whether recipients can propose a new meeting time.

email2:MeetingMessageType (section

Specifies the type of the meeting message.

InternetCPID (section

Specifies the original code page ID from the MIME message.

Flag (section

Specifies the flag associated with the item, along with the item's current status.

Status (section

Specifies the current status of the flag.

FlagType (section

Specifies the type of the flag.

tasks:DateCompleted (section

Specifies the date on which the flagged item was completed.

CompleteTime (section

Specifies the time at which the flagged item was marked as finished.

tasks:StartDate (section

Specifies the start date of the flagged item.

tasks:DueDate (section

Specifies the due date of the flagged item.

tasks:UtcStartDate (section

Specifies the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) value of the local tasks:StartDate.

tasks:UtcDueDate (section

Specifies the UTC value of the local tasks:DueDate.

tasks:ReminderSet (section

Specifies whether a reminder has been set for this flagged item.

tasks:ReminderTime (section

Specifies the date and time that the reminder is scheduled to occur.

tasks:OrdinalDate (section

Specifies the time at which the client set the flag.

tasks:SubOrdinalDate (section

Specifies a string used to sort items.

tasks:Subject (section

Specifies the subject of the flag as it would appear in a task list.

airsyncbase:NativeBodyType (section

Specifies the format in which the item is stored on the server.

ContentClass (section

Specifies the content class of the data.

email2:UmCallerID (section

Specifies the callback telephone number of the person who called or left an electronic voice message.

email2:UmUserNotes (section

Specifies user notes related to an electronic voice message.

email2:ConversationId (section

Specifies a unique identifier for a conversation.

email2:ConversationIndex (section

Specifies a set of dates and times used by clients to generate a conversation tree view.

email2:LastVerbExecuted (section

Specifies the last action, such as reply or forward, which was taken on the message so that the client can display the related icon.

email2:LastVerbExecutionTime (section

Specifies the time when the email2:LastVerbExecuted was performed on the message.

email2:ReceivedAsBcc (section

Specifies whether the recipient was blind carbon copied on a message.

email2:Sender (section

Specifies the user that actually sent the message when the message was not sent by the user identified by From.

Categories (section

Specifies the user-selected categories for this message.

Category (section

Specifies the category for this e-mail item.

airsyncbase:BodyPart (section

Specifies the unique message part of the requested message along with other meta-data properties.

email2:AccountId (section

Specifies the ID of the account that received the message.

rm:RightsManagementLicense (section

Specifies the rights management settings.