Status is a bit field used to indicate the message state. Status is a 1-byte unsigned char. The following Status bit flags are defined.




"Normal" message.


End of message (EOM). The packet is the last packet in the whole request.


(From client to server) Ignore this event (0x01 MUST also be set).



(Introduced in TDS 7.1)

(From client to server) Reset this connection before processing event. Only set for event types Batch, RPC, or Transaction Manager request. If clients want to set this bit, it MUST be part of the first packet of the message. This signals the server to clean up the environment state of the connection back to the default environment setting, effectively simulating a logout and a subsequent login, and provides server support for connection pooling. This bit SHOULD be ignored if it is set in a packet that is not the first packet of the message.

This status bit MUST NOT be set in conjunction with the RESETCONNECTIONSKIPTRAN bit. Distributed transactions and isolation levels will not be reset.



(Introduced in TDS 7.3)

(From client to server) Reset the connection before processing event but do not modify the transaction state (the state will remain the same before and after the reset). The transaction in the session can be a local transaction that is started from the session or it can be a distributed transaction in which the session is enlisted. This status bit MUST NOT be set in conjunction with the RESETCONNECTION bit. Otherwise identical to RESETCONNECTION.

All other bits are not used and MUST be ignored.