Preview: Introducing the Power platform Admin center

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If you've managed Dynamics 365 (online) tenants and instances, you've used the Dynamics 365 admin center.

Dynamics 365 admin center

With the merge of Common Data Service and the Dynamics 365 platform, we're launching a new admin center experience bringing PowerApps, Flow, and Dynamics 365 administration management together in a single site - the Power platform Admin center.

Power platform Admin center

Check out the following blog: Introducing the Power platform admin center.

Admin center interface

Element Description
Help + support Get a list of self-help solutions or create a support ticket for technical support.
Environments A list of your environments. Select an environment to see details.
Analytics Get a detailed view of key metrics for Power platform apps.
Data policies Create and manage data loss prevention policies.
Admin portals Links to other admin centers.

Using the various admin centers

For now, there are multiple admin centers you use to manage and monitor your environments. Here's some guidance on the basic role of each.

Admin Center Common Tasks
Power platform Admin center
The new unified administrative portal for Power platform admins. Currently this portal can be used for CDS environment management, to submit CDS for Apps and Flow support tickets, and to view PowerApps and Flow admin analytics.
PowerApps Admin center
Creating and managing environments including security starts here. Within each environment you can manage the apps and flows. Monitor who is licensed and building things. Create and manage Data Loss Prevention policies. Manage CDS Data Integration projects.
PowerApps Maker Portal
This portal is focused on building PowerApps but can also view and manage CDS components, manage connectors and gateways. You can also see application statistics from details on apps here.
Microsoft Flow Admin Portal
This points to the same site as
Business platform admin center
This points to the same site as Over time, this will migrated to and replaced by the Power platform Admin center.
Dynamics 365 Admin center
The Dynamics 365 Admin Center, that can be leveraged to perform certain CDS environment management like renaming, deleting, and resetting.
Dynamics 365 Instance Management
This instance management portal is reached from when managing the CDS database or from the Dynamics 365 Admin center. Here you will see a list of all the CDS databases and can perform actions such as backup, as well as other actions on a per instance basis.
Office 365 Admin center
Here you manage users and their license assignment as well as launch into many of the individual admin centers.
Microsoft Azure
Advanced Azure AD management tasks like conditional access and support for developer application registration is done here. This is also where you start setup of your on-premises gateways.
Security and Compliance Center
In addition to the general compliance tasks, administrators can come here to search the Audit log to see Flow audit events.