Limits and configuration in Microsoft PowerApps

This topic contains information about the current limits and configuration details for PowerApps.


These limits apply to each single outgoing request:

Name Limit
Timeout 180 Seconds
Retry attempts 4


The retry value may vary. For certain error conditions, it doesn't make sense to retry.

IP addresses

Requests from PowerApps use IP addresses that depend on the region of the environment that the app is in. We don't publish fully qualified domain names available for PowerApps scenarios.

Calls made from an API connected through an app (for example, the SQL API or the SharePoint API) come from the IP address specified later in this topic.

You should use these addresses if, for example, you must whitelist IP addresses for an Azure SQL database.

Region Outbound IP
United States,,,,,,,,,,,
United States (Early Access),,,,,,,

Required services

This list identifies all services to which PowerApps Studio talks and their usages. Your network must not block these services.

Domain(s) Protocols Uses https RP https Runtime of Connectors/Apis
https ADAL
https Azure Graph - For getting user info (e.g. profile photo) https Sample and Template apps
* https Api Hubs - Different sub-domains for each locale
* https WebAuth + Portal
* https WebAuth
* https Blob storage https Telemetry