Design model-driven apps by using the app designer

With Power Apps, model-driven apps are comprised of components such as entities, dashboards, forms, views, charts, and business processes.

The app designer helps you bring together all these components quickly. Its tile-based information structure and simplified interface make the process of building an app much easier, and you can create apps that are specific to your business roles and functions without having to write any code.

Each app that you create can have its own site map with the integrated and easy-to-use site map designer. Just drag and drop areas, groups, and subareas to the canvas. Components that you select in the site map are also added as entities in the app designer.

You can add or remove entities as necessary, and also add other components.

Once you're done adding components, you can validate your app to check if you have missed adding any required components, add those, and then publish the app for users.

The following table shows the steps you'll take to create an app.

Step Description Related topics
Step 1 Define app properties. Create or edit an app
Step 2 Define navigation for an app using the site map designer. Create a site map for an app
Step 3 Apps are composed of components like dashboards, entities, business process flows, forms, views, and charts. Include the required ones in your app by using the app designer. Add or edit app components
Step 4 Check your app for any required components you haven't added. After all required components are added make the app available for use. Validate and publish an app
Step 5 Give users access to the apps you created by using security roles. Share a model-driven app

Support matrix for the app designer and site map designer

The following table shows the supported operating systems and browsers.

Browser/OS Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Mac OS X
Microsoft Edge Yes
Internet Explorer 11 Yes Yes
Internet Explorer 11 Modern Yes
Internet Explorer 10 Yes
Internet Explorer 10 Modern Yes
Mozilla Firefox Yes Yes Yes
Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes
Apple Safari Yes

Next steps

Build your first model-driven app from scratch