GetValue Method

Gets the value of the specified property.

Cannot use methods in XAML.
retval = object.GetValue(propertyName)




Name of the property to get the value for.

Return Value


The value of the specified property.


You can use the GetValue method to get the value of any Silverlight property. However, you generally do not need this method to get property values, because all Silverlight properties support a more direct property syntax.

You can also use GetValue to get the value of Silverlight attached properties such as Canvas.Left. In this case, the attached property name is the owner class name for the attached property, a dot, and the attached property name: value = object.GetValue("ownerType.propertyName"). Attached properties also support a more direct property syntax, in the form value = object["ownerType.propertyName"].


The following JavaScript example shows to get a property value by using both the GetValue method and the typical property notation:

function onMouseLeftButtonUp(sender, index)
    // Get the property value using the GetValue method.
    var opacity = sender.getValue("opacity");
    // Get the property value using the equivalent "." notation.
    var opacity = sender.opacity;
    alert("Opacity = " + opacity);

Applies To

Accessibility, ArcSegment, BeginStoryboard, BezierSegment, Boolean, Brush, Canvas, Color, ColorAnimation, ColorAnimationUsingKeyFrames, ColorKeyFrame, ColorKeyFrameCollection, DependencyObject, DiscreteColorKeyFrame, DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, DiscretePointKeyFrame, DoubleAnimation, DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames, DoubleKeyFrame, DoubleKeyFrameCollection, Downloader, DrawingAttributes, Duration, Ellipse, EllipseGeometry, EventTrigger, Geometry, GeometryCollection, GeometryGroup, Glyphs, GradientStop, GradientStopCollection, Image, ImageBrush, InkPresenter, Inlines, KeySpline, KeyTime, Line, LinearColorKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, LinearGradientBrush, LinearPointKeyFrame, LineBreak, LineGeometry, LineSegment, Matrix, MatrixTransform, MediaAttribute, MediaAttributeCollection, MediaElement, Path, PathFigure, PathFigureCollection, PathGeometry, PathSegment, PathSegmentCollection, Point, PointAnimation, PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames, PointKeyFrame, PointKeyFrameCollection, PolyBezierSegment, Polygon, Polyline, PolyLineSegment, PolyQuadraticBezierSegment, QuadraticBezierSegment, RadialGradientBrush, Rect, Rectangle, RectangleGeometry, RepeatBehavior, ResourceDictionary, RotateTransform, Run, RuntimeErrorEventArgs, ScaleTransform, SkewTransform, SolidColorBrush, SplineColorKeyFrame, SplineDoubleKeyFrame, SplinePointKeyFrame, Storyboard, Stretch, Stroke, StrokeCollection, StylusInfo, StylusPoint, StylusPointCollection, TextBlock, Timeline, TimelineCollection, TimelineMarker, TimelineMarkerCollection, TimelineMarkerEventArgs, TimeSpan, TransformCollection, TransformGroup, TranslateTransform, TriggerActionCollection, TriggerCollection, VisualCollection, VideoBrush

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