ISBE2StreamMap interface

Handles the mapping between output pins and streams for the Stream Buffer Source filter.

This interface is implemented by the output pins of the Stream Buffer Source filter. To get a pointer to the interface, query the output pin.


The ISBE2StreamMap interface has these methods.

Method Description
ISBE2StreamMap::EnumMappedStreams Enumerates streams that are mapped to output pins in a Stream Buffer Source filter.
ISBE2StreamMap::MapStream Maps a stream to an output pin for a Stream Buffer Source filter.
ISBE2StreamMap::UnmapStream Removes the mapping between a stream and an output pin for a Stream Buffer Source filter.


In version 1 of the Stream Buffer Engine (SBE), each output pin is mapped to a single stream for the lifetime of the filter. Starting in version 2 of SBE, the application can change the mapping, as follows:

  1. Query the Stream Buffer Source filter for the ISBE2Crossbar interface.
  2. Disable default stream mode by calling the ISBE2Crossbar::EnableDefaultMode method without the DEF_MODE_STREAMS flag.
  3. Query the output pin for the ISBE2StreamMap interface.
  4. Call ISBE2StreamMap::MapStream.
For more information, see Stream Buffer Source Filter Enhancements in Windows 7.

To declare the interface identifier (IID) for this interface, use the __uuidof operator: __uuidof(ISBE2StreamMap).


Minimum supported client Windows 7 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header sbe.h