What's New (Compact 7)


Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides many new features and improvements that were added since the previous version of Windows Embedded Compact.

For more information about the new features listed here, see Windows Embedded Compact 7 on the web for the most recent version of the Windows Embedded Compact 7 documentation. Alternatively, update your version of the Windows Embedded Compact documentation by using Windows Embedded Developer Update. To update the documentation, on the Tools menu, select Windows Embedded Developer Update, click Check for Updates, and then follow the prompts.

For content contributed by the Windows Embedded Compact developer community, see the TechNet Wiki website.

Applications and Services

  • Connectivity with Microsoft Exchange Server
    ActiveSync now supports wireless or desktop pass-through connections to a server that is running Exchange Server.
  • Dynamic Virtual Channels (DVC)
    By using the Dynamic Virtual Channels (DVC) API, you can extend the functionality of Remote Desktop Connection by creating custom add-ins for the client and server.
  • XmlLite
    You can use the XmlLite class library to build high-performance, XML-based applications.

Application Development

  • Messaging API (MAPI)
    Windows Embedded Compact 7 supports Messaging API (CE MAPI) for creating email messaging applications.
  • Pocket Outlook Object Model
    Pocket Outlook Object Model is updated to version 3, which supports Personal Information Management (PIM) data objects and Embedded Database (EDB) for multiple folders and email accounts.

Audio, Graphics, and Media

  • Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control
    The Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control supports video and animation playback in Internet Explorer Embedded. The control supports microphones, cameras, printing, and an accelerometer.
  • Windows Media DRM 10 for Devices
    Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) 10 for network devices (WMDRM10-ND) is updated to version 10.02.

    Windows Media DRM 10 for portable devices (WMDRM10-PD) is updated to version 10.08.


  • Bluetooth
    Windows Embedded Compact 7 Bluetooth support is updated to the Core Specification v2.1 + EDR.

Board Support Packages (BSPs)

Compact Test Kit (CTK)

  • Graph Tool
    The Graph Tool reads output log files that contain test results, and then displays the results graphically.

Core OS

  • Cryptography API: Next Generation
    Cryptography API: Next Generation is the long-term replacement for the Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI or CAPI). It is a pluggable Windows Cryptography API that you can use to add authentication, encoding, and encryption to applications.
  • Security Loader
    Security Loader, also known as the Loader Verifier Module (LVMOD), replaces Certification Module (CERTMOD). Security Loader helps protect the integrity of a device by ensuring that portable executable (PE) and cabinet (CAB) files are fully trusted before they can run. For more information, see Deploy an Application on an OS with Security Loader.
  • Time Zones
    Windows Embedded Compact supports Time Zone IDs for the December 2009 time-zone update.

Device Drivers

  • Accelerometer Driver
    You can use the Accelerometer Driver to retrieve accelerometer data from a device.
  • Filter Drivers
    Windows Embedded Compact introduces a filter driver model that you use to add single or cascading device drivers to other drivers. For more information, see Filter Driver Reference.
  • Network driver interface specification (NDIS) 6.1
    NDIS now supports versions 6.1, 6.0, and 5.x. For more information, see Network Driver Reference.
  • Touch Screen Stream Interface Driver
    Windows Embedded Compact provides a new touch screen driver that provides improved support for multi-touch technology. For more information, see Touch Driver Reference.
  • Wireless Device Power Management
    Windows Embedded Compact provides wireless power functions for Bluetooth, cellular radio (CellCore), and Wi-Fi. For more information, see Wireless Device Power Management Reference.

Device Management

  • Configuration Service Providers
    You can configure settings on a device by writing a provisioning XML file for a configuration service provider. For more information, see Device Management.


  • Uniscribe Support for OpenType Fonts and New Scripts
    Unicode Script Processor for Complex Scripts matches the implementation in Windows 7 and supports OpenType fonts. The following scripts are supported: Bangla, Malayalam, Mongolian, New Tai Lu, Phags-pa, Odia, Sinhala, Tai Le, and Tibetan.
  • MultiBox IM
    The Japanese Handwriting Sample input method (IM) is no longer supported. The HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{0CBEA010-F68E-11d1-8C63-0060977B4593}\LOC_MULTIBOX registry key has no effect.


  • Connection Manager
    The Connection Manager update removes meta-networks and adds support for additional network topologies, connection policy management, and a resource manager. It is no longer integrated with the shell.
  • Firewall Service
    The new Firewall Service provides improved network security for Windows Embedded Compact 7.
  • IP Helper
    IP Helper helps you manage the local device by enabling applications to retrieve and modify network configuration settings.
  • Native Wi-Fi
    Windows Embedded Compact 7 supports the Native Wi-Fi API. For more information, see Wi-Fi.
  • Windows Filtering Platform
    Windows Filtering Platform provides API and system services that you can use to create network-filtering applications.

Shell and User Interface

  • Fonts
    Windows Embedded Compact 7 supports new fonts that resemble the fonts in Windows 7. For more information, see Fonts.


  • Event Log
    Event Log records important hardware and software events.


  • New Features in Platform Builder
    Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides new features in Platform Builder. For more information, see What's New in Platform Builderon the web or at %Program Files%\Windows Embedded Compact 7\Documentation and OS Development.
  • New Remote Tools
    You can use the new remote tools in Platform Builder to analyze and test your run-time image. For more information, see Remote Tools in Platform Builder.
  • Windows Embedded Developer Update
    Windows Embedded Developer Update is a new tool you use to download the latest software updates and documentation updates, and to receive update notifications for Windows Embedded Compact 7.

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