Windows Storage Server 2008: Getting Started Guide

Updated: April 15, 2010

Applies To: Windows Storage Server 2008

Microsoft® Windows® Storage Server 2008 operating systems provide a user interface for initial server configuration, unified storage appliance management, simplified setup and management of storage and shared folders, and support for Microsoft iSCSI Software Target. It is specially tuned to provide optimal performance for network-attached storage. Windows Storage Server 2008 provides significant enhancements in share and storage management scenarios, as well as integration of storage appliance management components and functionality.


The Microsoft iSCSI Software Target is an optional package that is available for use with Windows Storage Server 2008. If you do not already have it, contact your storage appliance manufacturer for information about acquiring the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target.

This document provides an overview of the features and functionality available in Windows Storage Server 2008.

What’s in This Release

Windows Storage Server 2008 provides more efficient and unified file management by extending and consolidating the management interface. This includes the following features and functionality:

  • Initial Configuration Tasks user interface simplifies setting up the storage appliance. See Initial Configuration Tasks for more information.

  • Share and Storage Management is a snap-in that includes two wizards for provisioning shares and storage. See Share and Storage Management for more information.

  • Network File System (NFS) provides an identity mapping interface and wizard. See Microsoft Services for Network File System for more information.

  • Remote Desktop for Administration provides a Windows Server Remote Administration applet that enables browser-based remote access to the management console from non-Microsoft clients. See Remote Desktop for Administration for more information.

  • Single Instance Storage improvements, including support for clusters, remote management, up to 128 volumes per server, and support for “unSIS” or removal of SIS from a volume. See Single Instance Storage for more information.


  • Windows Storage Server 2008, Basic Edition, x86

  • Windows Storage Server 2008, Basic Edition, x64

  • Windows Storage Server 2008, Workgroup Edition, x64

  • Windows Storage Server 2008, Standard Edition, x64

  • Windows Storage Server 2008, Enterprise Edition, x64


The x64 editions support only x64-based versions of Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins, not 32-bit versions.