SharePoint Add-in recipes

The articles in this section show you how to use the SharePoint Add-in model to customize your SharePoint sites. The following table lists the articles that are included.

Article Shows you how to use the add-in model to
App-Only and Elevated privileges Elevate privileges.
Branding SharePoint Sites Brand SharePoint sites.
Custom Actions Modify list item menus and the ribbon.
Custom Field Type Provide customized end user experiences.
Delegate Controls Implement delegate controls in your code.
Customize your SharePoint site UI using JavaScript embedding Update your SharePoint site UI using JavaScript.
Custom Ribbons Add or remove a custom ribbon on your SharePoint site.
Document ID Provider Set unique identifiers for documents.
Event Receivers and List Event Receivers Handle events in SharePoint.
Feature Stapling Run code and deploy artifacts when a SharePoint site is provisioned.
Information Management Policy Apply information management policy.
JavaScript customizations You can use namespaces to avoid conflicts between your JavaScript customizations and standard SharePoint JavaScript or JavaScript customizations deployed by other developers.
List Definition / List Template Create list definitions / list templates.
List Instance Create list instances.
Localization Implement localization for add-ins.
Master Pages Implement custom master pages in SharePoint sites.
MMS manipulation Perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations in the Managed Metadata Service (MMS).
Modules Deploy artifacts to a SharePoint environment.
OneDrive for Business customization Customize OneDrive for Business sites.
Performance Considerations Ensure optimal performance with SharePoint.
Remote Timer Jobs Implement timer jobs.
Remote Event Receivers Use remote event receivers to handle events in the SharePoint Add-in model.
Search API Usage Execute searches with the SharePoint Search Service.
Search Configuration Configure search.
SharePoint change log Use ChangeQuery and ChangeToken to query the SharePoint change log for changes made to a SharePoint content database, site collection, site, or list.
Site Columns and Content Types Create site columns and content types in SharePoint sites.
Site Provisioning Provision site collections and subsites.
Use asynchronous operations in SharePoint Add-ins Implement asynchronous operations in SharePoint Add-ins by using Microsoft Azure WebJobs.
User Controls and Web Controls Implement custom controls in your code.
[User Profile Manipulation](user profile Perform Create, Read, Update. and Delete (CRUD) operations in the user profile service.
Variations Configure variations.
Web Part Create portable page components.
Upload pre-configured web parts Deploy pre-configured, standard SharePoint web parts for your users.
Connected SharePoint app parts Implement real-time communication between SharePoint app parts by using SignalR.
Workflows, Actions (Activities), Events, and Forms Implement workflows and their associated components.
Yammer Integration Integrate Yammer with SharePoint.

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