ADO Methods

AddNew Creates a new record for an updatable Recordset object.
Append Appends an object to a collection. If the collection is Fields, a new Field object may be created before it is appended to the collection.
AppendChunk Appends data to a large text or binary data Field, or to a Parameter object.
BeginTrans, CommitTrans, and RollbackTrans Manages transaction processing within a Connection object as follows:

BeginTrans — Begins a new transaction.

CommitTrans — Saves any changes and ends the current transaction. It may also start a new transaction.

RollbackTrans — Cancels any changes and ends the current transaction. It may also start a new transaction.
Cancel Cancels execution of a pending, asynchronous method call.
CancelBatch Cancels a pending batch update.
CancelUpdate Cancels any changes that were made to the current or new row of a Recordset object, or the Fields collection of a Record object, before calling the Update method.
Clear Removes all the Error objects from the Errors collection.
Clone Creates a duplicate Recordset object from an existing Recordset object. Optionally, specifies that the clone be read-only.
Close Closes an open object and any dependent objects.
CompareBookmarks Compares two bookmarks and returns an indication of their relative values.
CopyRecord Copies a file or directory, and its contents, to another location.
CopyTo Copies the specified number of characters or bytes (depending on Type) in the Stream to another Stream object.
CreateParameter Creates a new Parameter object that has the specified properties.
Delete (ADO Parameters Collection) Deletes an object from the Parameters collection.
Delete (ADO Fields Collection) Deletes an object from the Fields collection.
Delete (ADO Recordset) Deletes the current record or a group of records.
DeleteRecord Deletes a file or directory, and all its subdirectories.
Execute (ADO Command) Executes the query, SQL statement, or stored procedure specified in the CommandText property.
Execute (ADO Connection) Executes the specified query, SQL statement, stored procedure, or provider-specific text.
Find Searches a Recordset for the row that satisfies the specified criteria.
Flush Forces the contents of the Stream remaining in the ADO buffer to the underlying object with which the Stream is associated.
get_OLEDBCommand Method Returns the underlying OLEDB Command, first propagating any parameter information set on the ADO Command to the OLEDB command.
GetChildren Returns a Recordset whose rows represent the files and subdirectories in the directory represented by this Record.
GetChunk Returns all, or a portion of, the contents of a large text or binary data Field object.
GetDataProviderDSO Method Retrieves the underlying OLEDB Data Source object from the Shape provider.
GetRows Retrieves multiple records of a Recordset object into an array.
GetString Returns the Recordset as a string.
LoadFromFile Loads the contents of an existing file into a Stream.
Move Moves the position of the current record in a Recordset object.
MoveFirst, MoveLast, MoveNext, and MovePrevious Moves to the first, last, next, or previous record in a specified Recordset object and makes that record the current record.
MoveRecord Moves a file, or a directory and its contents, to another location.
NextRecordset Clears the current Recordset object and returns the next Recordset by advancing through a series of commands.
Open (ADO Connection) Opens a connection to a data source.
Open (ADO Record) Opens an existing Record object, or creates a new file or directory.
Open (ADO Recordset) Opens a cursor.
Open (ADO Stream) Opens a Stream object to manipulate streams of binary or text data.
OpenSchema Obtains database schema information from the provider.
put_OLEDBCommand Method This method performs no operation - it always returns S_OK.
Read Reads a specified number of bytes from a Stream object.
ReadText Reads a specified number of characters from a text Stream object.
Refresh Updates the objects in a collection to reflect objects available from, and specific to, the provider.
Requery Updates the data in a Recordset object by re-executing the query on which the object is based.
Resync Refreshes the data in the current Recordset object, or Fields collection of a Record object, from the underlying database.
Save Saves the Recordset in a file or Stream object.
SaveToFile Saves the binary contents of a Stream to a file.
Seek Searches the index of a Recordset to quickly locate the row that matches the specified values, and changes the current row position to that row.
SetEOS Sets the position that is the end of the stream.
SkipLine Skips one entire line when reading a text stream.
Stat Gets statistical information about an open stream.
Supports Determines whether a specified Recordset object supports a particular type of functionality.
Update Saves any changes you make to the current row of a Recordset object, or the Fields collection of a Record object.
UpdateBatch Writes all pending batch updates to disk.
Write Writes binary data to a Stream object.
WriteText Writes a specified text string to a Stream object.

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