Visual Studio subscriptions in a Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)

If you have purchased Visual Studio Subscriptions through the MPSA program, there are a few things to be aware of before you can become a Visual Studio subscriptions admin and assign subscriptions to your users. If you have already been set up as an admin, you can go directly to the Visual Studio subscriptions Administration Portal.

MPSA customers manage assets purchased through MPSA in a portal called the Business Center, which supports functionalities similar to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). These include viewing your License Summary, Orders, Downloads, Keys, Users, etc. However, Visual Studio subscriptions in MPSA behave much like Cloud Services. The Business Center also uses work accounts to sign in, instead of Microsoft Accounts (MSA). If your organization uses cloud services such as Office 365 or Azure Active Directory, and your email is part of either of these two services, it is already a work account. This will allow you to register to Business Center with your existing password. If your organization is not using cloud services and your email is not a work account, you may use it to register to the Business Center.

Additionally, the Visual Studio subscriptions Administration Portal is where you will assign subscriptions once you become a Visual Studio subscriptions admin. In MPSA, Visual Studio subscriptions must be provisioned to their respective management portal, which is the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal. To do that, you need to associate your Purchasing Account to a tenant (i.e.

Please note that there are two types of tenants - managed tenants and un-managed tenants. A managed tenant refers to a tenant that is already being managed by admins within the organization.

An un-managed tenant is a tenant without any admins assigned and is not usable for Online Services such as Office 365. Un-managed tenants are also created when registering to the Business Center with an email that is not a work account. If you were asked to create a password when registering to the Business Center, this means your email was not a work account and it created an un-managed tenant.

Here are a few requirements/steps to become a Visual Studio Subscriptions admin prior to completing the tenant association.

Pre-tenant association (managed tenant)

  • You must be a registered user to the Business Center.
  • You must be a User Admin (at minimum) or Global Admin within the tenant that you are part of. (This applies if your company already uses Cloud Services). Either role is needed to be a Visual Studio subscriptions admin.
  • You must be a Global Admin in the tenant that you are part of to be able to associate your Purchasing Account to your tenant.
  • You must be an Account Admin or Account Manager in Business Center.
  • The “Country or Region” field within your user profile (and any other user) in Azure needs to be populated appropriately depending on your region (i.e. US, CA, etc.).


Any users that you want to make Visual Studio subscriptions admins are not required to be users in the Business Center, as they only need to meet criteria 2 and 5.

Once you have met the criteria above you may proceed to associate your Purchasing Account to your tenant following the steps below.

  1. Log in to Business Center.
  2. Click on the Account tab and choose Associate Domains.
  3. Select your Purchasing Account (if you have more than one).
  4. Select your tenant (i.e.
  5. Click Associate Domain.

Upon association, all users meeting the criteria will typically provision as Visual Studio subscriptions admins within minutes. However, at times it may take up to 24 hours. Once your tenant is provisioned you will be able to access the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal. If this takes longer than 24 hours, please contact MPSA Support using these steps:

  1. Connect to
  2. Click the More menu at the top of the page.
  3. Choose Support
  4. Choose Licensing support
  5. Select the support option that best fits your needs.


If there are new users that meet the criteria in steps 2 and 5 (after association) you must contact MPSA Support. MPSA Support will provide assistance to provision the new Visual Studio Subscriptions admins.

Tenant association (unmanaged)

If you registered to the Business Center with an email that was not a work account (not registered in the Azure Active Directory “Azure AD”), as explained above, the tenant association will be slightly different. You will need to perform what’s called a "domain take-over". During this process you will make yourself the Global Admin which will change your tenant from un-managed to managed.

For a more detailed explanation for this process, you may use the Quick Start guides. Please download the guide named "Setup and Use Your Online Services" which will guide you through a domain take-over. Once this is completed your Purchasing Account will also be associated to your tenant.


Once you complete the domain take-over process, you must adhere to the criteria from the five steps in the section for Pre Tenant Association (Managed). Once the criteria are met, it will only be necessary to contact MPSA Support to provision additional Visual Studio subscriptions admins.

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