Keyboard Shortcuts for Server Manager

Applies To: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

Because Server Manager was fully redesigned starting in Windows Server 2012, keyboard shortcuts that worked in the Server Manager console in Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2008 are not necessarily the same commands. This topic describes the new keyboard shortcuts and access keys for Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 and newer releases of Windows Server.

Commands that do not have their own keyboard shortcuts or access keys are accessible by pressing the Tab key, and tabbing through their control group when it is in focus.

Access keys

active Control Area in Server Manager

Welcome Tile

Control Group Access Key
Welcome tile - Quick start tab Alt+Q
Welcome tile - What's New tab Alt+W
Welcome tile - Learn more tab Alt+L
Welcome tile Hide command Alt+D

Role and Group Thumbnails

Control Group Access Key
Roles and Server Groups tile Alt+R

Console Header Controls

Control Group Access Key
Back button in the address bar Alt+Left arrow or Backspace
forward button in the address bar Alt+right arrow
Refresh F5
Notifications area, open Task details dialog box Alt+N
Manage menu Alt+M
View menu Alt+V
help menu Alt+H
Open Server Manager help F1
Zoom in Ctrl+Plus (+)
Zoom out Ctrl+Minus (-)
Display console at 100% Ctrl+0

Tiles on Role, Group or Local Server Pages

Control Group Access Key
Local Server page Properties tile Alt+P
Role, group, or local server page page Events tile Alt+E
Role, group, or local server page Services tile Alt+R
Role, group, or local server page Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) tile Alt+B
Role, group, or local server page Performance tile Alt+O
Role, group, or local server page Roles and Features tile Alt+A
All Servers page Servers tile Alt+A

Navigating within Local Server Properties tile

Control Group Access Key
computer name Alt+C
Last installed updates Alt+L
Domain or Workgroup Alt+D
Windows Update Alt+W
Last checked for updates Alt+S
remote management Alt+R
Windows Firewall Alt+F
remote Desktop Alt+K
Windows Error Reporting Alt+G
NIC Teaming Alt+T
Customer Experience Improvement Program Alt+X
Wired Ethernet connection Alt+O
IE Enhanced Security Configuration Alt+Y
time zone Alt+Z

Navigating within Events, Services, BPA, Performance, and Roles and Features tiles

Control Group Access Key
Tasks menu Alt+T
Filter control Alt+F
query control Alt+Q
Save queries Alt+S