Understand the different apps included in Windows 10

The following types of apps run on Windows 10:

  • Windows apps - introduced in Windows 8, primarily installed from the Store app.
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps - designed to work across platforms, can be installed on multiple platforms including Windows client, Windows Phone, and Xbox. All UWP apps are also Windows apps, but not all Windows apps are UWP apps.
  • "Win32" apps - traditional Windows applications, built for 32-bit systems.

Digging into the Windows apps, there are two categories:

  • System apps - Apps that are installed in the c:\Windows* directory. These apps are integral to the OS.
  • Apps - All other apps, installed in c:\Program Files\WindowsApps. There are two classes of apps:
    • Provisioned: Installed the first time you sign into Windows. You'll see a tile or Start menu item for these apps, but they aren't installed until the first sign-in.
    • Installed: Installed as part of the OS.

The following tables list the system apps, installed Windows apps, and provisioned Windows apps in a standard Windows 10 Enterprise installation. (If you have a custom image, your specific apps might differ.) The tables list the app, the full name, show the app's status in Windows 10 version 1607, 1703, and 1709, and indicate whether an app can be uninstalled through the UI.

Some of the apps show up in multiple tables - that's because their status changed between versions. Make sure to check the version column for the version you are currently running.


Want to see a list of the apps installed on your specific image? You can run the following PowerShell cmdlet:

Get-AppxPackage |Select Name,PackageFamilyName
Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | select DisplayName,PackageName

System apps

System apps are integral to the operating system. Here are the typical system apps in Windows 10 versions 1703, 1709, and 1803.

Name Full name 1703 1709 1803 Uninstall through UI?
Cortana UI CortanaListenUIApp x No
Desktop Learning x No
DesktopView x No
EnvironmentsApp x No
Mixed Reality + HoloCamera x No
Mixed Reality + HoloItemPlayerApp x No
Mixed Reality + HoloShell x No
InputApp x x No
Microsoft.AAD.Broker.Plugin x x x No
Microsoft.AccountsControl x x x No
Hello setup UI Microsoft.BioEnrollment x x x No
Microsoft.CredDialogHost x x x No
Microsoft.ECApp x x No
Microsoft.LockApp x x x No
Microsoft Edge Microsoft.Microsoft.Edge x x x No
Microsoft.PPIProjection x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. Apprep.ChxApp x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. AssignedAccessLockApp x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. CloudExperienceHost x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. ContentDeliveryManager x x x No
Cortana Microsoft.Windows.Cortana x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. Holographic.FirstRun x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. ModalSharePickerHost x No
Microsoft.Windows. OOBENetworkCaptivePort x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. OOBENetworkConnectionFlow x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. ParentalControls x x x No
People Hub Microsoft.Windows. PeopleExperienceHost x x No
Microsoft.Windows. PinningConfirmationDialog x x No
Microsoft.Windows. SecHealthUI x x x No
Microsoft.Windows. SecondaryTileExperience x x No
Microsoft.Windows. SecureAssessmentBrowser x x x No
Start Microsoft.Windows. ShellExperienceHost x x x No
Windows Feedback Microsoft.WindowsFeedback * * No
Microsoft.XboxGameCallableUI x x x No
Contact Support* Windows.ContactSupport x * Through the Optional Features app
Settings Windows.ImmersiveControlPanel x x No
Connect Windows.MiracastView x No
Print 3D Windows.Print3D x Yes
Print UI Windows.PrintDialog x x x No
Purchase UI Windows.PurchaseDialog x No
Microsoft.AsyncTextService x No
Microsoft.MicrosoftEdgeDevToolsClient x No
Microsoft.Win32WebViewHost x No
Microsoft.Windows.CapturePicker x No
Windows.CBSPreview x No
File Picker 1527c705-839a-4832-9118-54d4Bd6a0c89 x No
File Explorer c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515 x No
App Resolver E2A4F912-2574-4A75-9BB0-0D023378592B x No
Add Suggested folder Dialog box F46D4000-FD22-4DB4-AC8E-4E1DDDE828FE x No


  • The Contact Support app changed to Get Help in version 1709. Get Help is a provisioned app (instead of system app like Contact Support).

Installed Windows apps

Here are the typical installed Windows apps in Windows 10 versions 1703, 1709, and 1803.

Name Full name 1703 1709 1803 Uninstall through UI?
Remote Desktop Microsoft.RemoteDesktop x x Yes
PowerBI Microsoft.Microsoft PowerBIforWindows x Yes
Code Writer ActiproSoftwareLLC.562882FEEB491 x x x Yes
Eclipse Manager 46928bounde.EclipseManager x x x Yes
Pandora PandoraMediaInc.29680B314EFC2 x x x Yes
Photoshop Express AdobeSystemIncorporated. AdobePhotoshop x x x Yes
Duolingo D5EA27B7.Duolingo- LearnLanguagesforFree x x x Yes
Network Speed Test Microsoft.NetworkSpeedTest x x x Yes
News Microsoft.BingNews x x x Yes
Flipboard Yes
Microsoft.Advertising.Xaml x x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.1.2 x x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.1.3 x x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.1.6 x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.1.7 x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.2.0 x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime.1.1 x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime.1.3 x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime.1.4 x x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime.1.6 x x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime.1.7 x Yes
Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime.2.0 x x Yes
Microsoft.Services.Store.Engagement x x Yes
Microsoft.VCLibs.120.00 x x x Yes
Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00 x x x Yes
Microsoft.VCLibs.120.00.Universal x Yes
Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.UWPDesktop x Yes
Microsoft.WinJS.2.0 x Yes

Provisioned Windows apps

Here are the typical provisioned Windows apps in Windows 10 versions 1703, 1709, and 1803.

Name Full name 1703 1709 1803 Uninstall through UI?
3D Builder Microsoft.3DBuilder x Yes
Alarms & Clock Microsoft.WindowsAlarms x x x No
App Installer Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller x x x Via Settings App
Calculator Microsoft.WindowsCalculator x x x No
Camera Microsoft.WindowsCamera x x x No
Feedback Hub Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub x x x Yes
Get Help Microsoft.GetHelp x x No
Get Office/My Office Microsoft.Microsoft OfficeHub x x x Yes
Get Skype/Skype (preview)/Skype Microsoft.SkypeApp x x x Yes
Get Started/Tips Microsoft.Getstarted x x x Yes
Groove Microsoft.ZuneMusic x x x No
Mail and Calendar Microsoft.windows communicationsapps x x x No
Maps Microsoft.WindowsMaps x x x No
Messaging Microsoft.Messaging x x x No
Microsoft 3D Viewer Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer x x x No
Movies & TV Microsoft.ZuneVideo x x x No
OneNote Microsoft.Office.OneNote x x x Yes
Paid Wi-FI Microsoft.OneConnect x x x Yes
Paint 3D Microsoft.MSPaint x x x No
People Microsoft.People x x x No
Photos Microsoft.Windows.Photos x x x No
Print 3D Microsoft.Print3D x x No
Solitaire Microsoft.Microsoft SolitaireCollection x x x Yes
Sticky Notes Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes x x x No
Store Microsoft.WindowsStore x x x No
Sway Microsoft.Office.Sway * x x Yes
Voice Recorder Microsoft.SoundRecorder x x x No
Wallet Microsoft.Wallet x x x No
Weather Microsoft.BingWeather x x x Yes
Xbox Microsoft.XboxApp x x x No
Microsoft.OneConnect x x x No
Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller x No
Microsoft.StorePurchaseApp x x x No
Microsoft.WebMediaExtensions x No
Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI x x No
Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay x x x No
Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay x No
Microsoft.XboxIdentityProvider x x x No
Microsoft.XboxSpeech ToTextOverlay x x x No


The Store app can't be removed. If you want to remove and reinstall the Store app, you can only bring Store back by either restoring your system from a backup or resetting your system. Instead of removing the Store app, you should use group policies to hide or disable it.