Repackage existing win32 applications to the MSIX format

MSIX is a packaging format built to be safe, secure and reliable, based on a combination of .msi, .appx, App-V and ClickOnce installation technologies. You can use the MSIX packaging tool to repackage your existing Win32 applications to the MSIX format.

You can either run your installer interactively (through the UI) or create a package from the command line. Either way, you can convert an application without having the source code. Then, you can make your app available through the Microsoft Store.

Installing the MSIX Packaging Tool


  • Windows 10, version 1809 (or later)
  • Participation in the Windows Insider Program (if you're using an Insider build)
  • A valid Microsoft account (MSA) alias to access the app from the Microsoft Store
  • Admin privileges on your PC account

Get the app from the Microsoft Store

  1. Use the MSA login associated with your Windows Insider Program credentials in the Microsoft Store.
  2. Open the product description page.
  3. Click the install icon to begin installation.