ID3D10Debug::SetFeatureMask method

Set a bitfield of flags that will turn debug features on and off.


HRESULT SetFeatureMask(
  UINT Mask



Type: UINT

Feature-mask flags bitwise ORed together. If a flag is present, then that feature will be set to on, otherwise the feature will be set to off. See remarks for a list of flags.

Return Value


This method returns one of the following Direct3D 10 Return Codes.


Note  If you call this API in a Session 0 process, it returns DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE.
Setting a feature-mask flag will cause a rendering-operation method (listed below) to do some extra task when called. The possible feature flags are:
D3D10_DEBUG_FEATURE_FINISH_PER_RENDER_OP Application will wait for the GPU to finish processing the rendering operation before continuing.
D3D10_DEBUG_FEATURE_FLUSH_PER_RENDER_OP Runtime will additionally call ID3D10Device::Flush.
D3D10_DEBUG_FEATURE_PRESENT_PER_RENDER_OP Runtime will call Present. Presentation of render buffers will occur according to the settings established by prior calls to ID3D10Debug::SetSwapChain and ID3D10Debug::SetPresentPerRenderOpDelay.

These feature-mask flags apply to the following rendering-operation methods:


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d10sdklayers.h

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