Publish Windows apps

You can use the Windows Dev Center dashboard to publish your apps to the Microsoft Store.


You must have a developer account in order to access the Windows Dev Center dashboard and submit apps.

This section contains info about publishing and managing your apps.

Topic Description
Using the Windows Dev Center dashboard Learn how to register for an account and get an overview of what you can do in the Dev Center dashboard.
Manage account users Add users, groups, and Azure Active Directory applications to your Dev Center account with designated permissions.
Create your app by reserving a name See how to reserve names and find suggestions for choosing a great app name.
App submissions An app submission includes pricing and availability details, properties, age ratings, packages, and Store listing details. Your submission will go through the certification process before it's published to the Store. Optional features you can use include package flighting, beta testing, gradual package rollout and LOB distribution directly to enterprises.
Add-on submissions Learn how to publish add-ons (in-app products) through the Windows Dev Center dashboard.
In-app ads Manage your use of ads in your apps, including ad mediation configurations.
App management and services Use services like A/B testing (experimentation) and maps, and see how to view app identity details and reserve additional app names.
Attract customers and promote your apps Promote your products and grow your customer base, including ad campaigns, promo codes, sale pricing, and more.
Engage with your customers Drive customer engagement and satisfaction by using features like notifications, targeted offers, responding to reviews and feedback, and more.
Analyze app performance View detailed analytic data for your apps to see how they're doing. Get details on how many customers you've reached, how they're using your app, what they have to say about it, and more.
Getting paid Learn about receiving earnings from your apps, add-ons, and advertising.
Store Policies and Code of Conduct This section includes the Store Policies and App Quality criteria that apply to Windows apps and content, and the Code of Conduct that developers should follow.