Using the Windows Dev Center dashboard

The Windows Dev Center dashboard lets you manage and submit all of your apps for Windows devices in one place.


You must have a developer account in order to access the Windows Dev Center dashboard.

Some highlights of the dashboard experience are:

  • A product overview page that highlights trends and key metrics to let you see how your apps are doing and stay informed about notable changes. You can easily get to features or metrics for any of your apps, right from the overview page.
  • Account-level views into analytics and features, letting you quickly assess status and peform tasks without having to repeat the same steps for every product in your portfolio.
  • An app picker that allows you to switch to a different product while remaining on the same page, so you don't have to return to the main navigation or overview page.
  • A single location in the top right corner to access profile and account details, payout statements, support, and notifications.
  • Instant access to all of your developer programs, without having to sign in and out to each one. We'll also suggest new programs you might be interested in as they become available.

When you create a submission for your app (for the first time or as an update), you can upload app packages for any supported OS version, and the Store will automatically offer customers the package that will work best for them.

Add-ons (in-app products) are managed independently of your app's submission. This brings you greater flexibility and the ability to make changes independently.

Windows Dev Center also offers capabilities for adding multiple usersapp management and configuring services, reviewing analytic data, payout reporting, promoting your apps, engaging with your customers, beta testing, distributing LOB apps to enterprises, and much more.

Your feedback helps us build the best capabilities and experiences possible. As you work in the dashboard, please use the Feedback link in the upper right corner of the dashboard to share your thoughts and suggestions.