Using the Windows Dev Center dashboard

The Windows Dev Center dashboard lets you manage and submit all of your apps for Windows devices in one place.

Note You must have a developer account in order to access the Windows Dev Center dashboard.

When you create a create a submission for your app (for the first time or as an update), you can upload app packages for any supported operating system, and the Store will automatically offer customers the package that will work best for them. You can use the same Store listings and artwork for all of the operating systems your app supports, or you can customize the Store listing for specific OS versions.

Add-ons (in-app products) are managed independently of your app's submission. This brings you greater flexibility and the ability to make changes independently. For more info, see Add-on submissions.

The Dev Center dashboard also offers capabilities for app management and configuring services, reviewing analytic data, payout reporting, promotion and customer engagement, beta testing, distributing LOB apps to enterprises, and much more.

Tips for using the unified dashboard

If you had previously published apps for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, or earlier OS versions, take a look at How your app appears in the Store for Windows 10 customers to find out more about some of the changes in your app's listing for Windows 10 customers, and how we categorize your app's info in the new dashboard.

Apps that were linked to share identity in the earlier Windows Phone Dev Center and Windows Store dashboard will appear as the same app in the Dev Center dashboard. No matter which OS versions your app supports, you'll manage it as one app. The app will share the same details, such as price and category, across device types.