IWbemClassObject interface

The IWbemClassObject interface contains and manipulates both class definitions and class object instances.


The IWbemClassObject interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWbemClassObject::BeginEnumeration Resets an enumeration back to the beginning of the enumeration.
IWbemClassObject::BeginMethodEnumeration Use the IWbemClassObject::BeginMethodEnumeration method call to begin an enumeration of the methods available for the object.
IWbemClassObject::Clone The IWbemClassObject::Clone method returns a new object that is a complete clone of the current object. The new object has a COM reference count of 1.
IWbemClassObject::CompareTo The IWbemClassObject::CompareTo method compares an object to another Windows Management object. Note that there are certain constraints in this comparison process.
IWbemClassObject::Delete The IWbemClassObject::Delete method deletes the specified property from a CIM class definition and all of its qualifiers.
IWbemClassObject::DeleteMethod Use the IWbemClassObject::DeleteMethod method to delete a method. This call is supported only if the current object is a CIM class definition. Method manipulation is not available from IWbemClassObject pointers which point to CIM instances.
IWbemClassObject::EndEnumeration The IWbemClassObject::EndEnumeration method terminates an enumeration sequence started with IWbemClassObject::BeginEnumeration.
IWbemClassObject::EndMethodEnumeration The IWbemClassObject::EndMethodEnumeration method is used to terminate a method enumeration sequence started with IWbemClassObject::BeginMethodEnumeration.
IWbemClassObject::Get The IWbemClassObject::Get method retrieves the specified property value, if it exists. This method can also return system properties.
IWbemClassObject::GetMethod Returns information about the requested method.
IWbemClassObject::GetMethodOrigin The IWbemClassObject::GetMethodOrigin method is used to determine the class for which a method was declared.
IWbemClassObject::GetMethodQualifierSet The IWbemClassObject::GetMethodQualifierSet is used to retrieve the qualifier set for a particular method.
IWbemClassObject::GetNames Retrieves the names of the properties in the object.
IWbemClassObject::GetObjectText The IWbemClassObject::GetObjectText method returns a textual rendering of the object in the MOF syntax.
IWbemClassObject::GetPropertyOrigin The IWbemClassObject::GetPropertyOrigin method retrieves the name of the class in which a particular property was introduced.
IWbemClassObject::GetPropertyQualifierSet The IWbemClassObject::GetPropertyQualifierSet method gets the qualifier set for a particular property in the class object. You can use this method with properties that are a member of an instance or a class definition.
IWbemClassObject::GetQualifierSet The IWbemClassObject::GetQualifierSet method returns an interface pointer that allows read and write operations on the set of qualifiers for the entire class object, whether the object is an instance or a class definition.
IWbemClassObject::InheritsFrom The IWbemClassObject::InheritsFrom method determines if the current class or instance derives from a specified parent class.
IWbemClassObject::Next The IWbemClassObject::Next method retrieves the next property in an enumeration that started with IWbemClassObject::BeginEnumeration.
IWbemClassObject::NextMethod Used to retrieve the next method in a method enumeration sequence that starts with a call to IWbemClassObject::BeginMethodEnumeration.
IWbemClassObject::Put Sets a named property to a new value.
IWbemClassObject::PutMethod Used to create a method.
IWbemClassObject::SpawnDerivedClass Use the IWbemClassObject::SpawnDerivedClass method to create a newly derived class object from the current object.
IWbemClassObject::SpawnInstance Use the IWbemClassObject::SpawnInstance method to create a new instance of a class.


Users and providers should never implement this interface. The implementation provided by WMI is the only one that is supported.

From the WMI client perspective, this interface is always in-process. Write (Put) operations only affect the local copy of the object, and read (Get) operations always retrieve values from the local copy. You can perform updates to WMI only when entire objects are read or written using methods on the IWbemServices interface. Examples of such updates are: IWbemServices::PutInstance or IWbemServices::PutClass.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header wbemcli.h (include Wbemidl.h)

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