Types of Payment Returns Files

Business Central includes two types of payment return files that can be imported:

  • Receipt returns
  • Settlement returns

You can also choose to not use return files by selecting the Return File Is Not In Use field in the Remittance Agreement table. For more information, see Set Up Remittance Agreements.

Receipt Returns

The receipt return is received from the bank after you have sent the remittance file to the bank. When data is imported, information about the number of invoices that are received correctly and the number that are received with error is displayed. After you import a receipt return, the status of the payments in the Waiting Journal table is set to Approved.


You may also receive a rejected return from the bank. If the remittance is rejected, the settlement return will not be received.

Settlement Returns

The settlement return is received from the bank after the payment is executed. When data is imported, information about the number of settled invoices is displayed.

The following occurs when the settlement return is imported:

  • Payment status in the Waiting Journal table is set to Settled.
  • Information will be transferred from the Waiting Journal page to the payment journal.
  • A balancing account will be created for each transaction.
  • Document numbers will be inserted for each transaction.

Exchange Rates by Settlement

For a payment, the exchange rates are managed in the following ways:

  • Payment from an account in local currency - If a payment in another currency is from an account in LCY, the bank will flag the settlement return with a warning about the exchange rate between LCY and the currency that is used as payment.

  • Payment from a currency account - If payment is made from a currency account, the exchange rate for this currency and LCY is used. This is because the bank does not inform the system about the exchange rate.

Warnings on Settlement Returns

When the settlement return is imported, warnings can occur. Payment journal lines with warnings are marked with a symbol. To view the information about the warning, you can open the Settlement Info page.

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