Universal Windows Apps (C++)

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps embody a set of design principles that emphasize simple user interfaces that are centered around content that automatically adjusts for different screen sizes on different devices. You create the UI in XAML markup, and the code-behind in native C++. You can also create components (DLLs) that can be consumed by UWP apps that are written in other languages. The API surface for UWP apps is the Windows Runtime, which is a well-factored library that provides a wide variety of operating system services.


For Windows 10, you can use the Desktop Bridge app converter to package your existing desktop application for deployment through the Microsoft Store. For more information, see Using Visual C++ Runtime in Centennial project and Desktop Bridge.

UWP apps that use C++/WinRT

C++/WinRT is a new, header-only library-based C++ language projection for the Windows Runtime that uses completely standard C++, unlike the C++/CX implementation. C++/WinRT doesn't use non-standard syntax or Microsoft language extensions, and it takes full advantage of the C++ compiler to create highly-optimized output. For more information, see C++/WinRT. For an introduction to C++/WinRT and a code quickstart, see Introduction to C++/WinRT.

UWP apps that use C++/CX

Visual C++ language reference (C++/CX) Describes the set of extensions that simplify C++ consumption of Windows Runtime APIs and enable error handling that's based on exceptions.
Building apps and libraries (C++/CX) Describes how to create DLLs and static libraries that can be accessed from a C++/CX app or component.
Tutorial: Create a UWP "Hello, World" app in C++/CX A walkthrough that introduces the basic concepts of UWP app development in C++/CX.
Creating Windows Runtime Components in C++/CX Describes how to create DLLs that other UWP apps and components can consume.
UWP game programming Describes how to use DirectX and C++/CX to create games.

UWP Apps that Use the Windows Runtime C++ Template Library (WRL)

The Windows Runtime C++ Template Library provides the low-level COM interfaces by which ISO C++ code can access the Windows Runtime in an exception-free environment. In most cases, we recommend that you use C++/WinRT or C++/CX instead of the Windows Runtime C++ Template Library for UWP app development. For information about the Windows Runtime C++ Template Library, see Windows Runtime C++ Template Library (WRL).

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