MonthlyDOWRecurrence MonthlyDOWRecurrence MonthlyDOWRecurrence Class


表示计划的报表运行日期,通常按月、星期以及每周的星期几。 Represents the dates on which a scheduled report runs, typically by month, week, and day of the week.

public ref class MonthlyDOWRecurrence : ReportService2006::RecurrencePattern
public class MonthlyDOWRecurrence : ReportService2006.RecurrencePattern
Public Class MonthlyDOWRecurrence
Inherits RecurrencePattern


MonthlyDOWRecurrence模式不支持在 SharePoint 集成模式下。The MonthlyDOWRecurrence pattern is not supported in SharePoint integrated mode.


MonthlyDOWRecurrence() MonthlyDOWRecurrence() MonthlyDOWRecurrence()

初始化 MonthlyDOWRecurrence 类的新实例。 Initializes a new instance of the MonthlyDOWRecurrence class.


DaysOfWeek DaysOfWeek DaysOfWeek

获取或设置报表的计划运行日期是星期几。 Gets or sets the days of the week on which a scheduled report runs.

MonthsOfYear MonthsOfYear MonthsOfYear

获取或设置报表的计划运行日期是几月份。 Gets or sets the months of the year in which a scheduled report runs.

WhichWeek WhichWeek WhichWeek

获取或设置报表的计划运行日期是月中的第几个星期。 Gets or sets the week of the month in which a scheduled report runs.

WhichWeekSpecified WhichWeekSpecified WhichWeekSpecified

获取或设置一个值,该值指示是否WhichWeek指定属性。 Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the WhichWeek property is specified.