ScheduleReference ScheduleReference ScheduleReference Class


表示对共享计划的引用。 Represents a reference to a shared schedule.

public ref class ScheduleReference : ReportService2006::ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
public class ScheduleReference : ReportService2006.ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
Public Class ScheduleReference
Inherits ScheduleDefinitionOrReference


AScheduleReference对象将作为输出返回GetExecutionOptionsGetReportHistoryOptions方法并传递作为输入SetExecutionOptionsSetReportHistoryOptions方法。A ScheduleReference object is returned as output by the GetExecutionOptions and GetReportHistoryOptions methods and is passed as input to the SetExecutionOptions and SetReportHistoryOptions methods.

使用ScheduleReference需要的方法中ScheduleDefinitionOrReference对象,以指示报表将按照共享计划运行。Use ScheduleReference in methods that require a ScheduleDefinitionOrReference object to indicate that a report runs according to a shared schedule. 有关详细信息Reporting Services计划,请参阅共享计划和报表特定计划For more information about Reporting Services schedules, see Shared Schedules and Report-specific Schedules.


ScheduleReference() ScheduleReference() ScheduleReference()

初始化 ScheduleReference 类的新实例。 Initializes a new instance of the ScheduleReference class.


Definition Definition Definition

获取或设置定义 (ScheduleDefinition对象) 的共享计划。 Gets or sets the definition (ScheduleDefinition object) for a shared schedule.

ScheduleID ScheduleID ScheduleID

获取或设置共享计划的系统生成唯一标识符。 Gets or sets the system-generated unique identifier of a shared schedule.