WeekNumberEnum WeekNumberEnum WeekNumberEnum WeekNumberEnum Enum


指定运行计划的报表的月份中的某一周。Specifies the week of the month in which a scheduled report runs.

public enum class WeekNumberEnum
public enum WeekNumberEnum
type WeekNumberEnum = 
Public Enum WeekNumberEnum


FirstWeek FirstWeek FirstWeek FirstWeek 0

报表在该月的第一天和第七天之间运行。The report runs between the first and seventh day of the month.

FourthWeek FourthWeek FourthWeek FourthWeek 3

报表在每月的第20秒和第八天之间运行。The report runs between the twenty-second and twenty-eighth day of the month.

LastWeek LastWeek LastWeek LastWeek 4

报表在该月的最后7天运行。The report runs during the last seven days of the month.

SecondWeek SecondWeek SecondWeek SecondWeek 1

报表在该月的第八天和第14天之间运行。The report runs between the eighth and fourteenth day of the month.

ThirdWeek ThirdWeek ThirdWeek ThirdWeek 2

报表在该月的第15天和第20天之间运行。The report runs between the fifteenth and twenty-first day of the month.


将枚举与类MonthlyDOWRecurrence的属性一起使用。 WhichWeek WeekNumberEnumUse the WeekNumberEnum enumeration together with the WhichWeek property of the MonthlyDOWRecurrence class.