XhtmlMobileDocType 枚举


指定要呈现给页或控件的 XhtmlTextWriter 类的 XHTML 的类型。Specifies the type of XHTML for the XhtmlTextWriter class to render to the page or control.

public enum class XhtmlMobileDocType
public enum XhtmlMobileDocType
type XhtmlMobileDocType = 
Public Enum XhtmlMobileDocType


Wml20 2

指定 WML 2.0 格式。Specifies the WML 2.0 format.

XhtmlBasic 0

指定 XHTML Basic 格式。Specifies the XHTML Basic format. 此格式不支持框架和样式。This format does not support frames and styles.

XhtmlMobileProfile 1

指定 XHTML Mobile Profile 格式。Specifies the XHTML Mobile Profile format.


XhtmlTextWriter.SetDocType方法调用中将其中XhtmlMobileDocType一个枚举值指定为参数时, 该值强制文本编写器遵循该 XHTML 文档类型的限制。When you specify one of the XhtmlMobileDocType enumeration values as the parameter in a XhtmlTextWriter.SetDocType method call, that value forces the text writer to adhere to the restrictions of that XHTML document type.

XHTML Basic 是 XHTML 1.0 的移动版, 支持 xhtml 模块的最小数目。XHTML Basic is the mobile version of XHTML 1.0 and supports the minimum number of XHTML modules to be an XHTML document. 它适用于不支持全套 XHTML 功能的客户端, 例如移动电话、个人数字助理 (Pda)、寻呼和机顶盒。It is designed for clients that do not support the full set of XHTML features, such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), pagers, and set-top boxes. 使用 XHTML Basic, 可以在客户端的最大数量上提供文档, 包括各种不同显示格式和演示功能的移动电话。With XHTML Basic, a document can be presented on the maximum number of clients, including a wide range of mobile phones with different display formats and presentation capabilities.

XHTML 移动配置文件将从完整的 XHTML 1.0 添加到 XHTML 基本的几个元素和属性, 包括附加的表示法元素和对内部样式表的支持。XHTML Mobile Profile adds to XHTML Basic several additional elements and attributes from the full XHTML 1.0, including additional presentation elements and support for internal style sheets.

WML 2.0 通过提供对级联样式表的支持, 扩展了 XHTML 基本和 XHTML 移动配置文件。WML 2.0 expands on both XHTML Basic and XHTML Mobile Profile by providing support for cascading style sheets.