Microsoft Bookings API 概述(预览版)Microsoft Bookings API overview (preview)

Microsoft Bookings 提供了联机移动应用,可便于小型企业及其客户轻松高效地安排约会。Microsoft Bookings provides online and mobile apps that make appointment scheduling simple and efficient for small businesses and their customers. 任何提供预约服务的组织(如大型企业、汽车维修店、发廊和律师事务所)都可以从管理他们的预订中受益,从而有时间来做一些有助于业务增长的更重要的任务。Any organization that provides service on an appointment basis, such as large scale enterprise companies, auto repair shops, hair salons, and law firms, can benefit from having their bookings managed so as to free up time for the more important task to grow their business. 拥有 Office 365 商业高级版订阅的企业组织和公司都可以使用 Microsoft Bookings。Microsoft Bookings is available to enterprise organziations and businesses that have an Office 365 Business Premium subscription.

为什么使用 Microsoft Graph 与 Microsoft Bookings 集成?Why integrate with Microsoft Bookings using Microsoft Graph?

简化预约流程Streamline appointment booking

即使不在电话旁边或在下班时间,业务经营者也绝不会错过客户预订。A business operator may never miss a customer booking when away from the phone or the business is closed. 客户可以查看可用服务,并且随时都能在日程安排页、业务网站或 Facebook 上直接预订约会Customers can see the available services and book appointments any time directly on the scheduling page, on the business web site or Facebook.

业务经营者可以随时随地接受预订,方式包括上网、移动应用、面对面或通过电话。Business operators can take bookings anywhere, on the web or a mobile app, in-person or on the phone. 他们可以重新安排取消现有预订或将其重新分配给其他可用的员工成员。They can reschedule, cancel, or re-assign an existing booking to another available staff member.

减少失约的情况并提高员工的工作效率Reduce no-shows and increase productivity of the staff

企业经营者可以指定日程安排策略,其中包含最低限度的预订和取消通知,客户可自行计划或重新计划预约。Business operators can specify scheduling policies that include minimum notice for bookings and cancellations, and customers can schedule or reschedule appointments themselves. 自动的预约确认和提醒会减少失约情况,并让员工更好地利用他们的生产时间。Automated appointment confirmations and reminders decrease no-shows, and let the staff make better use of their production hours.

从任何位置管理客户信息和关系Manage customer information and relationships from anywhere

完成预约时将自动验证客户是否已在客户列表上,并根据情况将客户的姓名和电子邮件地址添加到该列表。Completing an appointment automatically verifies if the customer is already on the customer list, and adds the customer's name and email address to the list if necessary. 这可使企业经营者方便地与客户保持联系,并定期发送新闻稿或其他宣传材料。This makes it convenient for business operators to stay in touch with their customers, and send periodic newsletters or other promotional material.

在 Microsoft Graph 中集成工作效率和团队协作服务Integrate with productivity and team collaboration services in Microsoft Graph

使用相同的统一 Microsoft Graph REST 端点,可以访问 Bookings API,并与 Microsoft 365 的最佳功能进行集成以支持更丰富的应用场景。Using the same unified Microsoft Graph REST endpoint, you can access the Bookings API and integrate with the best of Microsoft 365 to support richer scenarios. 例如,可以使用 Excel 跟踪和分析企业财务数据并生成专业的报表,或者使用 SharePointMicrosoft Teams 来增强团队协作。For example, you can use Excel to track and analyze business financial data, and generate professional reports, or use SharePoint or Microsoft Teams to enhance team collaboration.

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请参阅 Microsoft Graph beta 中的 Microsoft Bookings APISee Microsoft Bookings API in Microsoft Graph beta.

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