用于组Microsoft 365、Teams和SharePoint的合规性选项Compliance options for Microsoft 365 groups, Teams, and SharePoint collaboration

Microsoft 365提供了一整套工具来在用户协作时保持合规性。Microsoft 365 offers a full suite of tools to maintain compliance as your users collaborate. 查看这些选项,并考虑它们如何映射到业务需求、数据的敏感度以及用户需要协作的用户范围。Review these options and consider how they map to your business needs, the sensitivity of your data, and the scope of people that your users need to collaborate with.

下表提供了一个快速参考,以快速了解 Microsoft 365。The following table provides a quick reference for the compliance controls available in Microsoft 365. 以下各节提供了进一步的信息。Further information is provided in the following sections.

类别Category 说明Description 参考Reference
信息保留Information retention
保留组邮件和SharePoint内容Retain groups mail and SharePoint content 了解 SharePoint 和 OneDrive 的保留策略Learn about retention policies for SharePoint and OneDrive
保留聊天和消息Retain chat and messages 了解 Microsoft Teams 的保留策略Learn about retention policies for Microsoft Teams
信息分类Information classification
对组和团队进行分类Classify groups and teams 使用敏感度标签保护 Microsoft Teams、Microsoft 365 组和 SharePoint 网站中的内容Use sensitivity labels to protect content in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 groups, and SharePoint sites
自动对敏感内容进行分类Automatically classify sensitive content 将敏感度标签自动应用于内容Apply a sensitivity label to content automatically
加密敏感内容Encrypt sensitive content 通过敏感度标签应用加密,从而限制对内容的访问Restrict access to content by using sensitivity labels to apply encryption
信息保护Information protection
防止丢失敏感信息Prevent the loss of sensitive information 了解数据丢失防护Learn about data loss prevention
保护聊天中的敏感信息。Protect sensitive information in chat. 数据丢失防护和 Microsoft TeamsData loss prevention and Microsoft Teams
定义组织的敏感信息Define your organization's sensitive information 自定义敏感信息类型Custom sensitive information types
用户细分User segmentation
限制用户区段之间的通信Restrict communication between user segments 信息屏障Information barriers
数据驻留Data residency
将数据存储到特定地理位置Store data in specific geo-locations Microsoft 365 多地理位置Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo

信息保留Information retention

保留策略可用于保留或删除用于组和团队中协作的项目,包括文件、邮件和邮件。Retention policies are available to retain or delete items used for collaboration in groups and teams, including files, messages, and mail. 可以将策略设置为保留和删除、仅保留或仅删除。Policies can be set to retain and delete, to retain only, or delete only. 如果组或团队过期或被删除,保留策略涵盖的信息将受到保护。Information covered by a retention policy is protected in the event that the group or team expires or is otherwise deleted.

为组配置保留Microsoft 365策略涵盖组邮箱以及与网站和SharePoint关联的组。Configuring a retention policy for Microsoft 365 Groups covers the group mailbox and the associated SharePoint site and files.

聊天和Teams消息的保留策略。Retention policies for Teams retain chat and channel messages. 虽然聊天和频道消息存储在Exchange中,但不受保留策略Exchange的影响。While chat and channel messages are stored in Exchange mailboxes, they are not affected by Exchange retention policies. 必须将保留策略设置为应用于Teams聊天和Teams消息。You must set your retention policies to apply to Teams chats and Teams channel messages.

即使删除了用户帐户,用户聊天也无限期保留。User chats are retained indefinitely even if a user account is deleted. 如果您不想无限期保留此数据,请考虑使用保留策略在指定的时间后删除用户聊天,或将此删除操作包括在用户删除过程中。If you don't want to retain this data indefinitely, consider using a retention policy to delete user chats after a specified time or include this deletion in your user deletion process.

可以将单个保留策略设置为应用于Teams聊天和Teams消息。A single retention policy can be set to apply to Teams chat and Teams channel messages.

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信息分类Information classification

可以使用敏感度标签来管理来宾访问、组和团队隐私,以及组和团队的不受管理设备的访问。You can use sensitivity labels to govern guest access, group and team privacy, and access by unmanaged devices for groups and teams. 通过应用标签,这些设置将按标签设置指定自动配置。By applying the label, these settings are automatically configured as specified by the label settings.

你可以配置Microsoft 365,以根据指定的条件将敏感度标签自动应用于文件和电子邮件,包括检测敏感信息类型或模式与可训练分类器匹配。You can configure Microsoft 365 to auto-apply sensitivity labels to files and emails based on the criteria that you specify, including detecting sensitive information types or pattern matching with trainable classifiers.

敏感度标签可用于加密文件,仅允许具有解密和读取权限的文件。You can use sensitivity labels to encrypt files, allowing only those with permissions to decrypt and read them.

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信息保护Information protection

DLP 策略可以防止在用户、用户和SharePoint之间Exchange敏感信息Teams。DLP policies can prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive information across SharePoint, Exchange, and Teams. 可以创建策略来指定要执行 (操作,例如) 一组规则阻止访问。You can create policies that specify actions to take (such as blocking access) based on a set of rules.

dlp in Teams can help protect sensitive information in Teams chat and channel messages by deleting messages that contain sensitive information.DLP in Teams can help protect sensitive information in Teams chat and channel messages by deleting messages that contain sensitive information.

如果您有组织特有的敏感信息(如项目代码名称),您可以创建自己的敏感信息类型,并应用于 DLP 策略以保护组、团队和 Sharepoint 中的内容。If you have sensitive information that is unique to your organization, such as project code names, you can create your own sensitive information types and apply them to DLP policies to protect content in groups, teams, and Sharepoint.

用户细分User segmentation

通过信息屏障,你可以划分数据和用户,以限制组之间不需要的通信和协作,并避免组织的利益冲突。With information barriers, you can segment your data and users to restrict unwanted communication and collaboration between groups and avoid conflicts of interest in your organization. 信息屏障允许你创建策略,以允许或阻止组织中各组人员之间的文件协作、聊天、通话或会议邀请。Information barriers lets you create policies to allow or prevent file collaboration, chatting, calling, or meeting invitations between groups of people in your organization.

数据驻留Data residency

通过Microsoft 365多地理位置,可以在已选择满足数据驻留要求的地理位置中预配和存储静止数据。With Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo, you can provision and store data at rest in the geo locations that you've chosen to meet data residency requirements. 在多地理位置环境中,Microsoft 365 租户包含一个中心位置 (其中最初预配 Microsoft 365 订阅的) 以及一个或多个附属位置,你可以存储数据。In a Multi-Geo environment, your Microsoft 365 tenant consists of a central location (where your Microsoft 365 subscription was originally provisioned) and one or more satellite locations where you can store data.

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