Kaizala 管理门户Kaizala management portal

Microsoft Kaizala 是安全的聊天和允许移动用户发送即时消息、 Kaizala 操作,如图片、 文档、 视频、 音频的附件的邮件应用程序。Microsoft Kaizala is a secure chat and messaging app that enables mobile users to send instant messages, Kaizala Actions, attachments such as pictures, documents, videos, audios and more. Microsoft Kaizala 还可以从任何所需用户获取即时反馈。Microsoft Kaizala also lets you get instant feedback from your users about anything you want. 通过 Kaizala 操作可以发送出轮询和调查到几个用户或千位,并且它们响应后,所有响应会自动聚合和中轻松地查看报告,以帮助实现决策。With Kaizala Actions, you can send out polls and surveys to a few users or thousands, and once they respond, all responses are automatically aggregated and presented in an easy to view report, to help with decision making.

下载的您的移动电话的 Kaizala,并了解有关如何在此处使用移动应用程序信息:有关 Kaizala 移动应用程序Download Kaizala for your mobile phone, and learn about how to use the mobile app here: About the Kaizala mobile app.

访问 Kaizala 管理门户Access the Kaizala management portal

若要访问 Kaizala 管理门户,登录您的 Azure active directory 帐户: Kaizala 管理门户To access the Kaizala management portal, sign in with your Azure active directory account here: Kaizala Management Portal. 一旦您能登录,您将需要向 Kaizala 添加您的电话号码。Once you're able to login, you'll be required to add your phone number to Kaizala. 一旦您的电话号码进行身份验证,您可以管理门户中管理 Kaizala。Once your phone number is authenticated, you can manage Kaizala in the management portal.


您可以添加到 Azure Active Directory 管理员帐户的多个电话号码。You can have more than one phone number added to the Azure Active Directory admin account. 您可以设置可以管理 Kaizala 组和用户分别在这些电话号码之间进行切换。You can switch between these phone numbers in Settings to manage Kaizala groups and users respectively.

Kaizala 管理门户Kaizala management portal

Kaizala 管理门户是为 Kaizala 提供管理、 报告和可扩展性功能的基于 web 门户。The Kaizala management portal is a web based portal that provides management, reporting and extensibility capabilities for Kaizala. 使用 Kaizala 管理门户,组织可以快速板载千位或数百万个用户移动到 Kaizala,其中包括员工、 合作伙伴、 供应商或客户,与刚电话号码。With the Kaizala management portal, your organization can quickly onboard thousands or millions of users to Kaizala, including employees, partners, vendors, or customers, with just phone number. 您可以创建 Kaizala 组并添加用户,还调查作业等 Kaizala 操作来查看开的报告。You can create Kaizala groups and add users, and also view out-of-the-box reports for Kaizala Actions such as Jobs and Surveys. 您需要拥有 Kaizala 订阅,然后才能使用 Kaizala。You need to have a Kaizala subscription before you can use Kaizala. 使用 Azure Active Directory 帐户的第一个步骤登录。First step login with your Azure Active Directory account. 成功登录后添加您 Kaizala 注册的电话号码。After successful login add your Kaizala registered phone number. 一旦您的电话号码进行身份验证,您可以管理 Kaizala 功能。Once your phone number is authenticated, you can manage Kaizala features.

Kaizala 管理门户可供以下用户:The Kaizala management portal can be used by the following users:

  • IT 管理员 使用门户设置组和安全和合规性的方式管理这些组中的用户。IT administrators Use the portal to set up groups and manage users within these groups in a secure and compliant manner. 例如,管理员可以添加或删除某个特定组的用户或从组织的所有组,删除用户,以便当员工离开,此人不会保留组织组的成员和不具有对组织数据的访问。For example, an administrator can add or remove users from a specific group, or remove a user from all organization groups, so that when an employee leaves, the person doesn't remain a member of organization groups, and doesn't have access to organization data.

  • 开发人员 使用门户网站创建新的 Kaizala 操作,或自定义 Kaizala 操作。Developers Use the portal to either create a new Kaizala Action, or customize a Kaizala Action. 开发人员还可以添加新连接器与 Kaizala 集成其内部或外部系统。Developers can also add a new Connector to integrate their internal or external systems with Kaizala.

  • 企业用户 查看内置报告,与实时数据更新,Kaizala 操作可以共享组织组中。Business User Can view built-in reports, with real-time data updates, for Kaizala Actions shared in organization groups.

屏幕快照: Kaizala 管理门户

菜单Menu 它为What it's for
Kaizala 组Kaizala Groups 创建和管理 Kaizala 组。Create and manage Kaizala groups.
Kaizala 用户Kaizala Users 添加和管理 Kaizala 用户。Add and manage Kaizala users.
组织组Organization Groups 连接到您的组织,以查看报告和管理资源 Kaizala 组。Connect Kaizala groups to your organization to view reports and manage resources.
公用组Public Groups 使用订阅者发送和接收信息一大组进行连接。Connect with a large set of subscribers to send and receive information.
Kaizala 报告Kaizala Reports 查看报告 Kaizala 操作。View reports on Kaizala Actions.
Kaizala 操作Kaizala Actions 创建新的 Kaizala 操作。Create new Kaizala Actions.
Kaizala 连接器Kaizala Connectors 与使用 REST Api 的 Microsoft Kaizala 集成内部或外部应用程序。Integrate internal or external applications with Microsoft Kaizala using REST APIs.