Microsoft 365 中的 SharePoint 简介Introduction to SharePoint in Microsoft 365

Microsoft SharePoint 是一项基于云的服务,可帮助组织共享和管理内容、知识和应用程序以执行以下操作:Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to:

  • 使团队协作更加强大Empower teamwork
  • 快速查找信息Quickly find information
  • 跨组织无缝协作Seamlessly collaborate across the organization

此页面上的资源旨在帮助您入门。The resources on this page are designed to get you started. 根据组织的需要,您可能需要阅读有关迁移管理选项的信息,然后再开始向用户滚动 SharePoint。Depending on the needs of your organization, you may want to read about migration and governance options before you start rolling SharePoint out to your users. 如果你已准备好开始使用 SharePoint,请阅读有关协作选项以及如何创建新式智能 intranet的信息。If you're ready to get started with SharePoint, read about collaboration options and how to create a modern intelligent intranet. 在将 SharePoint 部署到组织中时,请务必向用户培训,以帮助他们充分利用这些工具。As you roll out SharePoint to your organization, remember to train your users to help them get the most out of these tools.

如果刚开始使用 SharePoint,请了解FastTrack 载入和采用服务查找 sharepoint 认证合作伙伴访问 sharepoint 社区If you're just starting out with SharePoint, learn about the FastTrack onboarding and adoption services, find a SharePoint certified partner, or visit the SharePoint community.

在使用 SharePoint 后,获取OneDrive 同步应用移动应用Once you're using SharePoint, get the OneDrive sync app and the Mobile app. 您还可以建议功能You can also suggest a feature.


如果您的本地文件需要在 Microsoft 365 中移动到 SharePoint,或者您仍在使用 SharePoint Server,则本部分中的资源可帮助您入门。If you have files on-premises that you need to move to SharePoint in Microsoft 365, or if you're still using SharePoint Server, the resources in this section can help you get started.

如果你要查找此信息:If you're looking for this information: 转到此资源:Go to this resource:
如何在 Microsoft 365 中将内容从文件共享、SharePoint Server 或其他云提供程序迁移到 OneDriveHow to migrate content from file shares, SharePoint Server, or other cloud providers to OneDrive in Microsoft 365 将内容迁移到 OneDriveMigrate content to OneDrive

如何从本地文件共享迁移到 Microsoft 365How to migrate from on-premises file shares to Microsoft 365

SharePoint 迁移工具The SharePoint Migration Tool
如何在 Microsoft 365 中使用将现有的本地 SharePoint 网站连接到 SharePointHow to use connect your existing on-premises SharePoint sites to SharePoint in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Server 的混合配置Hybrid for SharePoint Server


如果您的组织具有控制数据处理的法律或其他要求,或者如果您有要保护的敏感信息或机密信息,则这些参考可帮助您配置 SharePoint 以实现管理标准和策略。If your organization has legal or other requirements that govern the handling of data, or if you have sensitive or confidential information that you want to protect, these references can help you configure SharePoint for your governance standards and policies.

如果你要查找此信息:If you're looking for this information: 转到此资源:Go to this resource:
如何确保在指定的一段时间内保留文件,或按指定的计划删除它们How to ensure that you retain files for a specified period of time, or delete them on a specified schedule 保留策略概述Overview of retention policies

OneDrive 保留和删除OneDrive retention and deletion
如何根据信息的敏感度对文档进行分类How to classify documents based on the sensitivity of the information 敏感度标签概述Overview of sensitivity labels

启用 SharePoint 和 OneDrive 中 Office 文件的敏感度标签Enable sensitivity labels for Office files in SharePoint and OneDrive
如何防止文档电子邮件中的重要数据丢失或 exfiltrationHow to prevent the loss or exfiltration of important data in documents emails 数据丢失防护概述Overview of data loss prevention
搜索就地项目,如电子邮件、文档和即时消息对话Search for in-place items such as email, documents, and instant messaging conversations Microsoft 365 中的内容搜索Content Search in Microsoft 365

如果您在组织中使用 OneDrive,并且想要通过将重要文件保存到云中来保护这些文件,请控制用户获取的存储空间量或管理用户同步文件的方式,这些参考将帮助您配置策略。If you use OneDrive in your organization and you want to protect important files by saving them to the cloud, govern how much storage space users get, or govern how users sync file, these references will help you configure your policies.

如果你要查找此信息:If you're looking for this information: 转到此资源:Go to this resource:
保护用户桌面或其 "文档" 文件夹中的重要文件Protect important files on users' desktops or in their Documents folder 将 Windows 已知文件夹重定向和移动到 OneDriveRedirect and move Windows known folders to OneDrive
控制用户将文件同步到其设备的方式Control how users sync files to their devices 使用组策略控制 OneDrive 同步设置Use Group Policy to control OneDrive sync settings
配置用户在 OneDrive 中拥有的存储空间量Configure the amount of storage space users have in OneDrive 设置 OneDrive 用户的默认存储空间Set the default storage space for OneDrive users


SharePoint 提供了丰富的协作环境,在此环境中,组织内部和外部的人员可以协同工作,共同创作文档。SharePoint provides a rich collaboration environment where people inside and outside your organization can work together, coauthoring document. Microsoft 365 提供了多种选项,可帮助您创建符合组织需求的安全、高效的文件协作环境。Microsoft 365 provides a variety of options to help you create a secure and productive file collaboration environment that meets the needs of your organization. 使用这些资源开始。Use these resources to get started.

如果你要查找此信息:If you're looking for this information: 转到此资源:Go to this resource:
了解文件协作和如何规划实施Learn about file collaboration and how to plan your implementation 使用 Microsoft 365 在 SharePoint 中进行文件协作File collaboration in SharePoint with Microsoft 365
了解如何与组织外部的人员进行协作Learn about collaborating with people outside your organization 外部共享概述External sharing overview

与来宾协作Collaborate with guests
使用 Microsoft 365 中的安全性和合规性功能帮助保护您的来宾共享环境Use the security and compliance features in Microsoft 365 to help secure your guest sharing environment 创建安全的来宾共享环境Create a secure guest sharing environment

新式 IntranetModern intranet

SharePoint 提供了一组丰富的工具,可帮助您创建和维护组织的 intranet。SharePoint provides a rich set of tools to help you create and maintain your organization's intranet. 使用这些资源开始。Use these resources to get started.

如果你要查找此信息:If you're looking for this information: 转到此资源:Go to this resource:
了解不同类型的 SharePoint 网站Learn about the different types of SharePoint sites 规划 SharePoint 网站Plan your SharePoint site
选择是否允许用户创建自己的网站Select whether to allow users to create their own sites 管理网站创建Manage site creation
了解如何为你的组织规划智能 intranetLearn how to plan an intelligent intranet for your organization 规划智能 SharePoint intranetPlan an intelligent SharePoint intranet

规划 SharePoint 中心网站Planning your SharePoint hub sites


通常,管理员会在向组织中的其他人讲授如何使用新技术的同时进行呼叫。Administrators are often called upon to teach others in the organization how to use new technologies. 使用这些资源可帮助用户在 Microsoft 365 中成功使用 SharePoint。Use these resources to help your users be successful with SharePoint in Microsoft 365.

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为你的组织设置可自定义的培训门户和 Microsoft 培训内容Set up a customizable training portal with Microsoft training content for your organization Microsoft 365 学习路径Microsoft 365 learning pathways
向你的用户展示 SharePoint 的基础知识Show your users the basics of SharePoint SharePoint 培训SharePoint training


SharePoint 提供了范围广泛的自定义选择。SharePoint provides a wide range of options for customization. 我们建议尽可能使用现成的功能和功能来满足组织的需求。We recommend using the out-of-box features and functionality as much as possible to meet your organization's needs. 如果您确实需要自定义 SharePoint,请参阅这些参考。If you do need to customize SharePoint, see these references.

如果你要查找此信息:If you're looking for this information: 转到此资源:Go to this resource:
了解如何使用新式工具和技术自定义 SharePointUnderstand how to customize SharePoint using modern tools and techniques 自定义 SharePointCustomizing SharePoint
构建 SharePoint 框架解决方案、应用程序、外接程序和解决方案Build SharePoint Framework solutions, apps, add-ins, and solutions SharePoint 开发SharePoint development

SharePoint 限制SharePoint Limits

SharePoint Online 命令行管理程序入门Getting started with the SharePoint Online Management Shell

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