解决 Mover 迁移错误Troubleshooting Mover migration errors

下表中含有可能遇到的错误消息,以及解决问题的方法。The following tables contain error messages you may encounter and how to resolve the issue.

Mover 迁移错误Mover migration errors

错误Error 操作Action
错误:“尚未在 Azure 租户中授权 Office 365 连接器”。Error: "The Office 365 connector has not been authorized in the Azure Tenant yet." 通过在 Azure 租户中为“Office 365 Mover”应用程序授予管理员同意来授权连接器。Authorize the connector by granting admin consent in the Azure Tenant for the "Office 365 Mover" App.
错误:连接器上显示“授权失败”。Error: "Authorization failure" shown on the connector. 确认连接器已完全授权或重新授权连接器。Confirm that the connector is fully authorized or Reauthorize the connector.
错误:将 .csv 文件用作源/目标引用时,迁移失败Error: Migration failing while using a .csv file as source/destination reference 确认用户传输行中有源路径和目标路径的正确语法Confirm that the User Transfer Row has the correct syntax for both source and destination paths
错误:迁移过程中出现“请重试”。Error: "Please retry" during migration. 查看日志并确认用户的源/目标路径;如果通过 .csv 上传用户传输行,请检查语法Review log and confirm source/destination paths for user; check syntax if user transfer row was uploaded via .csv
错误:迁移日志中的“无法声明此文件夹,因为所有者对其进行声明”。Error: "Cannot claim this folder as it is claimed by owner" in migration logs. 用户没有此文件夹的明确所有权,此文件夹与他们共享。User does not have explicit ownership of this folder and it is shared to them.
错误:迁移故障Error: Migration crashes 查看日志数据并确定问题。Review log data and determine the issue. 重新授权连接器,然后重新运行迁移。Reauthorize the connector and rerun the migration.
错误:传输的文件显示 SYSTEM 为“所有者”和“上次修改者”Error: Transferred files show SYSTEM as "owner" and "last modified by" 所有权取决于传输数据的连接器并由其设置。Ownership is dependent on, and set by, the connector data is being transferred from. 请参考你的特定连接器的指南文的作者部分。Consult the guides file authorship section for your specific connector.
错误:无法设置权限Error: Can't set permissions 确认设置的用户权限的语法,检查用户是否存在于源/目标中,以及要传输的用户行对数据具有明确所有权,而不是与用户共享。Confirm the syntax of the user permissions being set, check that the users exist in source/destination and that the User Row being transferred has explicit ownership over the data and it is not shared to them.
错误:“已刷新 OAuth 授权令牌:找不到404”-“itemNotFound:找不到资源”Error: "Refreshed OAuth Authorization Token: 404 Not Found" - "itemNotFound: The resource could not be found" 重新授权(或删除并重新创建)连接器,并确保授权时具有管理特权。Reauthorize (or delete and recreate) the connector and ensure that you have administrative privileges when authorizing.
错误:“已存在具有名称 x 的文件。Error: "A file with the name x already exists. 上次修改者是 y。It was last modified by y. "" 应用本身在尝试访问文件时遇到错误。The app itself encountered an error while attempting to access the file. 重新运行迁移将清除此错误。Rerunning the migration should clear this error.
消息:“正在等待 Microsoft 批处理”,迁移会冻结日志中未显示的失败文件Message: "Waiting on Microsoft batch Processing", Migration freezes failed files not shown in logs 尚未完成针对日志的数据传播,如果迁移未在 24 小时内完成,请与支持人员联系。The data has not finished propagating yet for the logs, contact support if the migration doesn’t complete in 24 hours.
错误:迁移快速提示“完成”,但数据未传输。Error: Migration quickly says "complete", but the data didn’t transfer. 确保用户对源路径中的数据拥有所有权,而不是将所有数据共享给他们。Ensure that the user has ownership of data in the source path and all data is not shared to them.
错误:“不成功的 HTTP 响应:无法更新用户。Error: "Unsuccessful HTTP response: Unable to update users. 找不到所需标题:ID”Required heading not found: id" 每个用户的 ID 列都必须是 .csv 的第一列,以便更改已经存在的用户传输行。The ID column of each user needs to be the first column of the .csv in order to change already existing User Transfer Rows.
错误:“传输失败,因为无法设置你的其中一个连接器的目标文件夹。”Error: "Transfer failed because the target folder for one of your connectors could not be set." 确保目标路径没有语法错误,并且目标目录/帐户中确实存在该文件夹Ensure that there is no syntax errors for the destination path and that the folder does exist in the destination directory/account
错误:在 IE 浏览器中进行帐户验证时卡在“正在加载应用程序”上。Error: Stuck on “Loading Application” during account verification in IE Browser. 使用 Chrome、Miscrosoft Edge 或 Firefox 浏览器Use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers
常规:从错误中恢复后如何停止和重启迁移...General: How to stop and restart a migration after recovering from an error... 选中“用户传输行”左侧的框,然后单击“开始迁移 x 用户”,这将创建增量传输以从上次中断的地方恢复。Check the box on the left of a User Transfer Row, and then click "Start Migrating x User" this will create an incremental transfer to pick up where you left off.
错误:“数据源初始化”或“目标初始化”:应用程序失去与数据源连接器的连接。Error: "Source Initialization" or "Destination Initialization": Application has lost connection with the source connector. Mover 与数据源或目标的连接已断开。Mover is no longer connected to the source or destination. 重新授权连接器。Reauthorize the connector.
错误:响应失败:上载失败。Error: Failed response: Upload Failed. Mover 不再能够上载。Mover is no longer able to upload. 重新授权连接器,然后重新运行用户迁移行。Reauthorize the connector and rerun the user transfer row.
错误:项目没有父 idError: Item has no parent id OneDriver 用户根目录中的文件常会造成此错误。Files in the root directory of a OneDrive user often cause this error. 移动文件到某个文件夹,或尝试重新运行用户迁移行,直到成功为止。Move the files into a folder or attempt rerun the user transfer rows until successful.

其他 Mover 错误Other Mover errors

错误Error 要采取的措施Action to take
错误:“错误的请求:无法更新用户。Error: "Bad Request: Unable to update users. 找不到所需标题:ID”Required heading not found: id" 每个用户的 ID 列都必须是 .csv 的第一列,以便更改已经存在的用户传输行。The ID column of each user needs to be the first column of the .csv in order to change already existing User Transfer Rows. 若要了解更多信息,请参阅:审核用户:编辑For more information see: Review users: editing
无法检索用户账户:无法检索到用户账户。Could not retrieve user count: user count could not be retrieved. 重新授权连接器。Reauthorize the connector. 参阅 重新授权连接器See Reauthorizing connectors
错误:无法获取此文件夹的内容:连接错误Error: Unable to get contents of this folder: Connection Error 有些 IT 部门不想自己进行 Box 或 Dropbox 数据迁移,因此他们不使用 O365 的 Box 或 Dropbox (Co-Admin),而是要求所有用户作为“单用户”使用 OneDrive For Business(单用户)。Some IT departments don't want to do Box or Dropbox data migration themselves, so instead of using Box or Dropbox (Co-Admin) to O365, they are asking all their users to use Single User to OneDrive For Business (Single User).
- 如果组织要求使用多重身份验证 (MFA),而你收到授权错误消息,可能因为没有正确配置你的条件访问策略。- If your organization requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and you receive an authorization error, your conditional access policy may not be configured correctly.
- 一个解决方法是请管理员为这些用户在 Mover 迁移时禁用 MFA。- One workaround is for the administrator to disable MFA for these users during Mover migrations.
- 或者需要联系“Azure Identity”支持部门帮助配置条件访问策略。- Otherwise, you will need to contact "Azure Identity" support for help configuring conditional access policies.