运行 Mover 迁移Running the Mover migration


扫描源数据是顺利、轻松进行迁移的关键。Scanning your source data is key to running a smooth and stress-free migration. 有关顺利迁移所需的关键数据的完整列表,请参阅此 清单For the full list of key data necessary for a smooth migration, see this checklist.


扫描无法转移数据,因此扫描数据标记为“跳过”;它只计算我们通常从源转移的数据。Scanned data is marked as Skipped as scanning does not transfer data; it simply counts the data that we would normally transfer from the source.

扫描转移后,源/目标实际上 处于锁定状态。After a transfer is scanned, the source/destination are effectively locked in. 请务必仔细检查它们是否正确,不要将其留空。Be sure to double-check that they are correct, and not left blank.

运行扫描Running the scan

现在已有一个用户列表显示在迁移中,并完成了目标设置。You now have a list of users appearing in the migration, complete with destination set up.

启动扫描源数据进程:To start the scanning source data process:

  • 选择所有用户。Select all users. 选中导航栏顶部的复选框。At the top of the navigation bar, select the checkbox.

选择“所有用户”后,选择“扫描 X 个用户”。After you select all users, select Scan X Users.


成功完成扫描后,用户显示为绿色。After the scan has successfully completed, the users appear in green. 扫描时间取决于源中的数据量。The scan time varies depending on the data amount in the source.

当用户以绿色、黄色或红色显示在屏幕右上角时,选择“迁移操作”,然后选择“扫描报告”。After users appear in green, yellow, or red, on the top right side of your screen, select Migration Actions, and then select Scan Report.


如果扫描遇到错误或崩溃,我们的应用最多自动重新运行扫描三次,以尝试解决此问题。If your scan encounters an error or crashes, our app automatically reruns the scan up to three times to attempt to resolve the issue.


有关“扫描报告”的详细信息,请参阅本指南“扫描报告”部分下的“报告”小节。For in-depth info about Scan Report, see the Reports subsection under the Scan Report section of this guide.

迁移用户Migrating users

建议慢慢来。We recommend starting slowly. 测试一个用户,随后测试三到五个。Test one user, then three to five. 如果所有测试都看起来不错,并且你看到正在下载和上传数据,可让所有用户开始排队并暂存其他用户。If all looks good, and you see data being downloaded and uploaded, start queuing everyone, and stage the rest of your users.

  1. 若要选择用户,请选中其行对应的复选框。To select a user(s), check their row's respective checkbox.
  2. 选择“开始迁移 X 个用户”。Select Start Migrating X Users.
  3. 查看迁移摘要。Review your migration summary. 这会通知你正在复制的用户、从何处进行转移、转移至何处,以及何时开始转移。This informs you which user is being copied, where they are transferring from, and where to, as well as when the transfer begins.
  4. 查看并同意我们的条款和条件,然后选择“继续”。Review and agree to our terms and conditions, and then select Continue. 用户将立即加入队列,以进行迁移。Your users are immediately queued for migration.



如果转移遇到错误或崩溃,我们的应用程序最多自动重新运行转移达三次,以尝试解决此问题。If your transfer encounters an error or crashes, our app automatically reruns the transfer up to three times to attempt to resolve the issue.

取消用户Canceling users

取消当前正在进行的转移:To cancel a currently running transfer:

  1. 查找希望取消的转移,并选中。Find the transfer(s) you want to cancel, and select them. 正在运行的转移为蓝色,并且状态为“正在运行”或“已排队”。A running transfer is in blue and have a status of Running or Queued.
  2. 对于多个用户,请选择“用户操作”下拉列表,或右键单击单个用户。For multiple users, select the User Actions dropdown, or right-click on a single user.
  3. 选择 *“取消 X 个转移”。Select *Cancel X Transfers.

此操作将尽快停止转移(通常在几秒内)。This action stops the transfer as soon as possible (usually within a few seconds).

重新运行用户Rerunning users

解决转移中的任何问题的最佳方法是重新运行它。The best way to resolve any issues with a transfer is to rerun it. 此操作将检查目标中的所有文件,将其与源进行比较,然后转移新文件或已修改的文件。This action checks over all the files in your destination, compares them to the source, and then transfers over the new or modified files.

所有转移均利用我们的增量功能,仅转移源和 Office 365 之间新的或已修改的数据差异。All transfers take advantage of our incremental feature and only transfers new or modified data differences between your source and Office 365.

只要转移未运行,就可通过重新对用户进行排队来重新开始转移。As long as a transfer is not running, to restart a transfer, you can re-queue a user.

若要重新运行或重启转移,请完成下列步骤:To rerun or restart your transfer, complete the following steps:

  1. 选择希望重新运行的用户。Select the or user(s) you want to rerun.
  2. 若要再次运行用户,请在右上角选择“开始迁移 X 个用户”。To run the users again, at the top right, select Start Migrating X Users.