SoC 和自定义板SoCs and custom boards

支持 Microsoft 的 SocMicrosoft-enabled SoCs

Microsoft 与 Broadcom、Intel、NXP 和 Qualcomm 一起工作,验证对芯片(Soc)上多个供应商系统上的 Windows 10 IoT Core 的支持。Microsoft works alongside Broadcom, Intel, NXP, and Qualcomm to verify support for Windows 10 IoT Core on several vendors' system on a chip (SoCs). 这些支持 IoT 核心的 Soc 在数百个不同的设备中使用,你可以使用它们来原型和商业化你的想法。These IoT Core-powered SoCs are used in hundreds of different devices that you can use to prototype and commercialize your idea.

BroadcomBroadcom IntelIntel QualcommQualcomm NXPNXP
BCM2837BCM2837 Intel® Atom® processor E3900 系列(Apollo)Intel® Atom® processor E3900 series (Apollo Lake) Snapdragon 410 (APQ8016)Snapdragon 410 (APQ8016) i.MX 6 系列i.MX 6 Family
BCM2836BCM2836 Intel®赛扬® processor N3350 (Apollo)Intel® Celeron® processor N3350 (Apollo Lake) Snapdragon 212 (APQ8009)Snapdragon 212 (APQ8009) i.MX 7 系列i.MX 7 Family
Intel®奔腾® processor N4200 platform (Apollo)Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 platform (Apollo Lake) i.MX 8 分钟和8分钟微型系列i.MX 8M and 8M mini Family
Intel® Pentium®和赛扬® Processor N3000 系列(Braswell)Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® Processor N3000 Series (Braswell)
Intel® Atom® x5-E8000 处理器(Braswell)Intel® Atom® x5-E8000 Processor (Braswell)
Intel® Atom® x5-Z8350 处理器(挑拣轨迹)Intel® Atom® x5-Z8350 Processor (Cherry Trail)
Intel® Atom®处理器 E3800 产品系列(托架线索-I)Intel® Atom® Processor E3800 Product Family (Bay Trail-I)
Intel®奔腾®和赛扬®处理器 N 和 J 系列(托架踪迹-M/D)Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® Processor N and J Series (Bay Trail-M/D)

选择采用的 SoC 将取决于注意事项,如性能要求、电源配置文件、成本、物理连接选项、长期支持和操作条件。The SoC you choose to adopt will depend on considerations such as performance requirements, power profile, cost, physical connectivity options, long term support, and operating conditions.

你还需要决定是要使用现成的板还是设备,使用模块(SoM)上的系统和自定义电信公司构建自定义设备,还是构建完整的自定义板。You'll also need to decide whether you want to use an off-the-shelf board or device, build a custom device using a system on a module (SoM) plus a custom carrier board, or build a complete custom board. 成本和自定义的程度是此决定的关键因素,这两者通常在你进一步自定义时增加。Cost and the degree of customization are the key factors in this decision, with both generally increasing as you customize further.

Windows 10 IoT 核心功能(按处理器系列)Windows 10 IoT Core Features by Processor Family


此列表考虑非商业公共预览版中的处理器。This list takes into consideration processors that are in non-commercial public preview.

为了帮助你为设备选择正确的平台,下表显示了具有 Windows 10 IoT Core 的处理器系列支持的功能。To help you select the right platform for your device, the table below shows the features that are supported by processor family with Windows 10 IoT Core. Windows 10 IoT Core 支持下面列出的所有功能,但某些 Soc 可能不包含在其设计中的特定 IP,这种情况下会用 "N/A" 来指示。All features listed below are supported in Windows 10 IoT Core, however some SoCs may not have the specific IP included in their design, and are such indicated with "N/A". 在这种情况下,可以将第三方解决方案并入设计中,以提供所需的功能。In such cases, a 3rd party solution can be incorporate into the design to provide the required functionality. 在有限的情况下,如果在处理器上未实现 Windows 10 IoT Core 功能,该项将留空。In a limited number of cases where a Windows 10 IoT Core feature is not implemented on a processor, the entry is left blank.

IntelIntel QualcommQualcomm NXP MX6NXP i.MX6 NXP MX7NXP i.MX7 NXP MX8MNXP i.MX8M BroadcomBroadcom
AudioAudio xx xx xx xx xx xx
GPIOGPIO xx xx xx xx xx xx
I2CI2C xx xx xx xx xx xx
EthernetEthernet xx N/AN/A xx xx xx xx
SPISPI xx xx xx xx xx xx
“显示”Display xx xx xx xx xx xx
UARTUART xx xx xx xx xx xx
“USB”USB xx xx xx xx xx xx
PCIePCIe xx N/AN/A xx 正在开发Under development 正在开发Under development N/AN/A
图形/视频Graphics/Video xx xx 软件呈现Software-rendered 软件呈现Software-rendered 软件呈现Software-rendered 软件呈现Software-rendered
Wi-fi/BTWi-Fi/BT N/AN/A xx N/AN/A N/AN/A N/AN/A N/AN/A
可信 i/oTrusted I/O N/AN/A N/AN/A xx xx xx N/AN/A
处理器电源管理Processor power management xx xx xx 正在开发Under development
TPMTPM xx xx xx xx xx N/AN/A
安全启动Secure Boot xx xx 正在开发Under development 正在开发Under development 正在开发Under development
休眠Hibernate xx
PWMPWM xx N/AN/A xx xx xx
JTAGJTAG xx N/AN/A xx xx xx
eMMCeMMC xx xx xx xx xx
SDHCSDHC xx xx xx xx xx xx

自定义板Customized boards

如果离架设备的外形规格包含适用于你的方案的连接选项,则通常是最具成本效益和时间的选择。If an off-the-shelf device is in a form factor that includes the connectivity options that work for your scenarios, that will often be the most cost- and time-effective choice.

对于大多数人而言,开发完整的自定义板可在产品预计在超过数十甚至几百个单位的卷中销售时发挥作用。For most people, developing a complete custom board would make sense when the product is expected to be sold in volumes greater than tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of units. 对于较小的卷,使用 SoM 并设计自定义电信板,而不是设计全新的板,可以显著降低成本和上市时间,并简化软件开发和集成。For smaller volumes, using a SoM and designing a custom carrier board, instead of designing a completely new board, can significantly reduce your cost and time-to-market, as well as streamlining software development and integration.

每个平台都具有在实现过程中需要注意的独特的特点。Each of the platforms has unique quirks that need attention during implementation. 下面是有关如何开始的一些建议。Below are some suggestions on how to get started. 虽然在 Windows 10 IoT Core 上构建许多公司,但以下是一些已获经验证使用 Windows 10 IoT Core 的部分的列表:And while there are many companies building on Windows 10 IoT Core, here is a list of some that have proven experience working with Windows 10 IoT Core:

如果你是 SoM 提供商或 ODM,并想要添加到下面的列表中,请将电子邮件发送到winiotsomhelp@microsoft.com或直接编辑此页面并提交拉取请求。If you are a SoM provider or an ODM and would like to be added to the list below, please send email to or directly edit this page and submit a pull request.

此处所列的许多公司都很大且复杂。 如果你遇到问题,请通过电子邮件 ,我们将尽力连接到正确的人员。Many companies listed here are large and complex. If you have trouble reaching the right person, please email and we'll do our best to connect you to the right people.

Raspberry Pi-派生自定义设计Raspberry Pi-derived custom design

元素 14提供适用于 Raspberry Pi 的板自定义服务,以允许您添加或删除连接选项。Element 14 offers board customization service for Raspberry Pi to allow you to add or remove connectivity options. 如果还需要对 BSP 进行自定义,可以利用Github 上的开源 BSP 代码If you also need to make customizations to the BSP, you can leverage the open source BSP code on Github.

基于 Intel 的自定义设计Intel-based custom design

您可以使用的 Windows经验丰富的 Windows 体验经验丰富There is a vibrant ecosystem of experienced Intel device builders for Windows you can work with. 为运行 Windows 10 IoT Core 而设计的 Intel 设备与更常见的 Pc 有一些不同之处:An Intel device designed to run Windows 10 IoT Core has a couple of differences from the more common PCs:

  1. 如果需要提供用户模式通用 Windows 平台(UWP) API 访问 I2C、GPIO 和 SPI 等简单总线,需要确保 UEFI 固件中的 ACPI 表包含适用于 RHProxy 的条目。If you need to provide user mode Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API access to simple buses like I2C, GPIO and SPI, you need make sure that ACPI table in your UEFI firmware contains appropriate entries for RHProxy. 有关详细信息,请参阅用户模式访问权限Please refer to user mode access for more information.
  2. 必须确保固件中的 SMBIOS 包含OEM 许可证要求中所列的信息。You must ensure that the SMBIOS in the firmware contains information as listed in OEM License Requirement.

如果你正在构建自己的板,请联系你的 BIOS 供应商,以了解有关 ACPI 或 SMBIOS 更改的指导。If you are building your own board, please contact your BIOS vendor if you need guidance on ACPI or SMBIOS changes.

经验丰富的合作伙伴Experienced partners

基于 Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c (APQ8016)的自定义设计Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c (APQ8016)-based custom design

可从Qualcomm 开发人员网络下载适用于 DragonBoard 410c 的二进制 BSP (基于 Qualcomm AQP8016 SoC)。Binary BSP for DragonBoard 410c (based on Qualcomm AQP8016 SoC) can be downloaded from Qualcomm Developer Network.

BSP 包包含 ACPI 的源代码,以允许只需 ACPI 更改的简单硬件自定义。The BSP package includes the source code for ACPI to allow for simple hardware customizations that only require ACPI changes.


如果需要额外的硬件自定义,例如使用特定的 MIPI-DSI 显示面板,请启用平台安全启动、RF 校准和认证(例如If you need additional hardware customizations, such as using a specific MIPI-DSI display panel, enabling Platform Secure Boot, RF calibration and certification (eg. FCC,CE),你需要成为一个 Qualcomm BSP 源代码,或与具有访问权限的提供商合作(请参阅下面的经验丰富的合作伙伴)。FCC, CE), you'll need become a Qualcomm BSP source code licensee, or to work with a provider that has access (see Experienced partners below).


  1. 如果可能,请与有经验的 SoM 供应商合作,以实现自定义设计。If possible, work with an experienced SoM vendor to enable customized design.
  2. 如果要构建自定义板,请使用 SoM 供应商或经验丰富的 Qualcomm BSP 自定义服务提供程序,如用于 BSP 自定义和设计帮助的IntrinsycThundersoftIf you're building a custom board, work with a SoM vendor or an experienced Qualcomm BSP customization service provider, such as Intrinsyc or Thundersoft for BSP customization and design assistance.
  3. 如果预计容量非常大(数百万),请联系 QualcommIf you expect to have very high volume (millions), contact Qualcomm.

经验丰富的合作伙伴Experienced partners

  • Intrinsyc -标记 Waldenberg ( - Mark Waldenberg (
  • Keith & Koep -contact@keith-koep.comKeith & Koep -
  • Reycom -welcome@reycom.swissReycom -
  • Unitech -Sam (;Perry ( - Sam (; Perry (

NXP 预览NXP preview

NXP 支持 Windows 10 IoT Core 提供公共预览版。NXP support for Windows 10 IoT Core is in public preview. 有关详细信息,请访问 BSP 或查找硬件合作伙伴,请访问NXP SoC 页面For more information, the access the BSP, or to find a hardware partner, please go to the NXP SoC page.

你还可以与我们正在使用的合作伙伴联系:You can also reach out to partners we're working with:

  • Advantech RSB-4411 -buy@advantech.twAdvantech RSB-4411 -
  • Keith & Koep pConXS WITH Trizeps VII -contact@keith-koep.comKeith & Koep pConXS with Trizeps VII -
  • Kontron SMARC-sAMX6i -圣马丁 Unverdorben ( SMARC-sAMX6i - Martin Unverdorben (
  • 稳定运行Hummingboard Edge-Ilya Viten ( Run Hummingboard Edge- Ilya Viten (
  • Geniatech som-iMX6Q-问题 7 & som-IMX7D -Mike Decker (或 Fang Jijun ( SoM-iMX6Q-Q7 & SoM-iMX7D - Mike Decker ( or Fang Jijun (
  • VIA VAB-820 -Michael Fox (或梦寐以求的 Ku ( VAB-820 - Michael Fox ( or Dream Ku (
  • Phytec PHYBOARD-I MX7 -Brad Dodson ( phyBOARD-i.MX7 - Brad Dodson (

其他选项Other options

如果你发现你仍想要创建自定义的板,我们提供了下面的制造商建议,这些建议可帮助你了解板的图表和布局。If you find that you'd still like to create a custom board, we have provided a few suggestions of manufacturers below that can help with schematics and layout for a board.