Microsoft Intune 中的應用程式生命週期概觀Overview of the app lifecycle in Microsoft Intune

新增應用程式並進行其他階段時即開始 Microsoft Intune 應用程式生命週期,直到您將應用程式移除。The Microsoft Intune app lifecycle begins when an app is added and progresses through additional phases until you remove the app. 了解這些階段,您將具有在 Intune 中開始使用應用程式管理所需的詳細資料。By understanding these phases, you'll have a the details you need to get started with app management in Intune.

應用程式生命週期The app lifecycle


應用程式部署的第一個步驟是將您想要管理和指派的應用程式加入 Intune。The first step in app deployment is to add the apps, which you want to manage and assign, to Intune. 雖然您可以使用許多不同的應用程式類型,但基本程序都相同。While you can work with many different app types, the basic procedures are the same. 使用 Intune,您可以新增不同的應用程式類型,包括在內部撰寫的應用程式 (企業營運)、來自市集的應用程式、內建的應用程式,以及網路上的應用程式。With Intune you can add different app types, including apps written in-house (line-of-business), apps from the store, apps that are built-in, and apps on the web. 如需這些之中每一種應用程式類型的詳細資訊,請參閱如何將應用程式新增至 Microsoft IntuneFor more information about each of these app types, see How to add an app to Microsoft Intune.


在您將應用程式新增到 Intune 之後,可以接著將它指派給使用者和您管理的裝置After you've added the app to Intune, you can then assign it to users and devices that you manage. Intune 讓此程序非常簡易,並且在部署應用程式之後,您可以從 Azure 入口網站內的 Intune 監視部署成功Intune makes this process easy, and after the app is deployed, you can monitor the success of the deployment from the Intune within the Azure portal. 此外,在某些應用程式市集中,例如 AppleWindows 應用程式市集,您可以為公司大量購買應用程式授權。Additionally, in some app stores, such as the Apple and Windows app stores, you can purchase app licenses in bulk for your company. Intune 可以與這些市集同步處理資料,讓您可以直接從 Intune 管理主控台中部署和追蹤這些類型應用程式的授權使用情況。Intune can synchronize data with these stores so that you can deploy and track license usage for these types of apps right from the Intune administration console.


隨著應用程式生命週期,會定期發佈新版本的應用程式。As part of the app lifecycle, new versions of apps are regularly released. Intune 提供工具,可輕鬆地更新您已部署為新版本的應用程式Intune provides tools to easily update apps that you have deployed to a newer version. 此外,您可以設定某些應用程式的額外功能,例如︰Additionally, you can configure extra functionality for some apps, for example:

  • iOS 應用程式設定原則提供執行應用程式時所使用之相容 iOS 應用程式的設定。iOS app configuration policies supply settings for compatible iOS apps that are used when the app is run. 例如,應用程式可能需要特定品牌設定或它必須連線之伺服器的名稱。For example, an app might require specific branding settings or the name of a server to which it must connect.
  • 受管理的瀏覽器原則可協助您設定 Intune 受管理瀏覽器的設定,其會取代預設的裝置瀏覽器,並可讓您限制使用者可以瀏覽的網站。Managed browser policies help you to configure settings for the Intune managed browser, which replaces the default device browser and lets you restrict the websites that your users can visit.


Intune 提供您許多方法來協助保護您的應用程式中的資料。Intune gives you many ways to help protect the data in your apps. 主要方法如下︰The main methods are:

  • 條件式存取,它會根據您指定之條件,控制電子郵件及其他服務的存取權。Conditional access, which controls access to email and other services based on conditions that you specify. 條件包括裝置類型或遵循您部署的裝置相容性原則Conditions include device types or compliance with a device compliance policy that you deployed.
  • 應用程式保護原則適用於個別的應用程式,可協助保護它們使用的公司資料。App protection policies works with individual apps to help protect the company data that they use. 例如,您可以限制在未受管理的應用程式與您管理的應用程式之間複製資料,或是可以防止應用程式在已進行 JB 或 Root 破解的裝置上執行。For example, you can restrict copying data between unmanaged apps and apps that you manage, or you can prevent apps from running on devices that have been jailbroken or rooted.


最後,您部署的應用程式很可能會過時,因此必須移除。Eventually, it's likely that apps that you deployed become outdated and need to be removed. Intune 可讓您輕鬆地從服務淘汰應用程式Intune makes it easy to retire apps from service.

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