如何將應用程式新增至 Microsoft IntuneHow to add an app to Microsoft Intune

適用於︰Azure 上的 IntuneApplies to: Intune on Azure
您需要傳統主控台中之 Intune 的相關文件嗎?Looking for documentation about Intune in the classic console? 請移至這裡Go to here.

若要管理您使用者的應用程式及為其指派應用程式,必須先將應用程式新增到 Intune。Before you can manage and assign apps for your users, you must add them to Intune. Intune 支援各種不同的應用程式類型,而每種類型的選項可能各不相同。Intune supports a wide range of different app types, and the options might be different for each type.

Intune 可讓您新增及指派下列應用程式類型:Intune lets you add and assign these app types:

Intune 支援的應用程式類型

以下是支援的平台。The following platforms are supported.

  • Android 市集應用程式Android store apps
  • Android 企業營運 (LOB) 應用程式Android line-of-business (LOB) apps
  • iOS 市集應用程式iOS store apps
  • iOS 企業營運 (LOB) 應用程式iOS line-of-business (LOB) apps
  • Web 應用程式Web apps
  • Windows Phone 8.1 市集應用程式Windows Phone 8.1 store apps
  • Windows Phone 企業營運應用程式 (.xap 檔案)Windows Phone line-of-business apps (.xap files)
  • Windows 市集應用程式Windows store apps
  • Windows 企業營運應用程式 (僅限 .msi 檔案)Windows line-of-business apps (.msi files only)

企業營運 (LOB) 應用程式不是從應用程式市集安裝,而是從應用程式安裝檔案安裝。A line-of-business (or LOB) app is one that you do not install from an app store, but install from the app installation file. 例如,若要安裝 iOS LOB 應用程式,您必須新增應用程式封存檔案 (副檔名是 .ipa)。For example, to install an iOS LOB app, you add the application archive file (with the extension .ipa). 這些通常是在內部撰寫的應用程式。These are typically apps you have written in-house.

開始之前Before you start

在您開始新增和指派應用程式之前,請考慮下列事項。Consider the following points before you begin to add and assign apps.

  • 當您新增及指派來自市集的應用程式時,使用者必須擁有該市集的帳戶,才能安裝應用程式。When you add and assign an app from a store, end users must have an account with that store in order to be able to install the app.
  • 您指派的某些應用程式或項目可能相依於內建的 iOS 應用程式。Some apps or items you assign might be dependent on built-in iOS apps. 例如,如果您指派來自 iOS Store 的書籍,則裝置上必須有 iBooks 應用程式。For example, if you assign a book from the iOS store, then the iBooks app must be present on the device. 如果您已經移除了 iBooks 內建應用程式,您將無法使用 Intune 來恢復該應用程式。If you have removed the iBooks built-in app, you cannot use Intune to reinstate it.

雲端儲存空間Cloud storage space

使用軟體安裝程式安裝類型所建立的所有應用程式 (例如企業營運應用程式),都必須封裝並上傳至 Intune 雲端儲存空間。All apps that you create by using the software installer installation type (for example, a line-of-business app) are packaged and uploaded to Intune cloud storage. Intune 的試用版訂閱內容包含 2 GB 的雲端式儲存空間,可用來儲存受管理的應用程式和更新。A trial subscription of Intune includes 2 gigabytes (GB) of cloud-based storage that is used to store managed apps and updates. 完整訂閱將包含 20 GB 的儲存空間。A full subscription includes 20 GB of storage space.

您可以使用原始購買方法來購買 Intune 的額外儲存空間。You can purchase additional storage for Intune using your original purchase method. 如果您是用發票或信用卡支付,請前往訂用帳戶管理入口網站If you paid by invoice or credit card, visit the Subscription Management portal. 否則,請連絡合作夥伴或銷售人員。Otherwise, contact your partner or sales associate.

雲端儲存空間需求如下:Requirements for cloud storage space are as follows:

  • 所有應用程式安裝檔案必須位於相同的資料夾。All app installation files must be in the same folder.
  • 您上傳的任何檔案其檔案大小上限都是 2 GB。The maximum file size for any file that you upload is 2 GB.

如何建立及編輯應用程式的類別How to create and edit categories for apps

應用程式類別可協助您排序應用程式,以利使用者在公司入口網站中執行搜尋。App categories can be used to help you sort apps to make them easier for users to find in the company portal. 您可以指派一或多個類別給應用程式,例如開發人員應用程式通訊應用程式You can assign one or more categories to an app, for example, Developer apps, or Communication apps. 當您將應用程式新增到 Intune 時,可以自由選取所需的類別。When you add an app to Intune, you are given the option to select the category you want. 使用平台相關的主題來新增應用程式及指派類別。Use the platform-specific topics to add an app, and assign categories. 若要建立及編輯您自己的類別,請使用下列程序︰To create and edit your own categories, use the following procedure:

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站。Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. 選擇 [更多服務] > [監視 + 管理] > [Intune]。Choose More Services > Monitoring + Management > Intune.
  3. 在 [Intune] 刀鋒視窗上,選擇 [行動應用程式]。On the Intune blade, choose Mobile apps.
  4. 行動應用程式工作負載中,選擇 [安裝] > [應用程式類別]。In the Mobile apps workload, choose Setup > App categories.
  5. 在 [應用程式類別] 刀鋒視窗中會列出目前的類別。On the App categories blade, a list of the current categories is shown. 請選擇下列其中一個動作:Choose one of the following actions:
    • 建立類別︰在 [建立類別] 刀鋒視窗中輸入新類別的名稱。Create a category - On the Create category blade, enter a name for the new category. 名稱只能以一種語言輸入,而且 Intune 不會翻譯它。Names can be entered in one language only, and are not translated by Intune. 完成時按一下 [建立]。When you are done, click Create.
    • 編輯類別 - 為清單中的類別選擇 [...]。Edit a category - For any category in the list, choose '...'. 您可以在 [內容] 刀鋒視窗中,輸入類別的新名稱或刪除類別。On the Properties blade, you can enter a new name for the category, or delete the category.

Intune 自動新增的應用程式Apps added automatically by Intune

原本,Intune 包含許多您可以快速指派的內建應用程式。Previously, Intune contained a number of built-in apps that you could quickly assign. 應客戶的意見反應,我們已移除此清單,而您不會再看到內建應用程式。Based on your feedback, we have removed this list, and you will no longer see built-in apps. 不過,您已指派的任何內建應用程式仍會顯示在應用程式清單中。However, if you have already assigned any built-in apps, these will still be visible in the list of apps. 若有需要,您可以繼續指派這些應用程式。You can continue to assign these apps as required. 在之後的版本中,我們計畫新增一個方法,讓從 Intune 入口網站選取及指派內建應用程式的流程變得更輕鬆。In a later release, we plan to add an easier method to select and assign built-in apps from the Intune portal.

後續步驟Next steps

選擇下列其中一個主題,以了解如何針對各平台將應用程式新增到 Intune:Choose one of the following topics to find out how to add apps for each platform to Intune:

若要提交意見反應,請前往 Intune Feedback