部署我的服務Deploy my service

本文將提供正確部署雲端語音服務的需求概覽。This article gives an overview of the requirements for properly deploying cloud voice services. 透過遵循部署雲端語音服務的規範性指導方針,您可以確定您已成功地考慮所有需求,並提供可重複的結果。By following prescriptive guidance for deploying cloud voice services, you can make sure you successfully account for all requirements and deliver repeatable results.

Microsoft 團隊語音工作負載的 [網站啟用] 行動手冊Site enablement playbook for Microsoft Teams voice workloads

使用這項行動手冊,協助您的組織以網站為基礎,順利規劃並執行 Microsoft 團隊語音功能。Use this playbook to help your organization successfully plan and execute the rollout of Microsoft Teams voice features on a site-by-site basis.

包括所有必要的活動、建議的時程表,以及每個活動的相關指南的連結,本行動手冊會涵蓋端對端指導方針,以協助確保針對特定網站成功的小組語音部署,將重點放在對使用者而言很重要的因素上。Including all required activities, recommended timelines, and links to corresponding guidance for each activity, this playbook covers end-to-end guidance to help ensure a successful Teams voice deployment for a given site, focusing on factors that are important to the user.

透過完成本行動手冊中的活動,您的組織可以:By completing the activities in this playbook, your organization can:

  • 有效規劃並排程您的團隊推出。Effectively plan and schedule your Teams rollout.

  • 加速並優化使用者採用。Accelerate and optimize user adoption.

  • 減少支援需求並提高使用者滿意度。Reduce support needs and increase user satisfaction.


本文和相關的行動手冊並不是用來描述服務啟用所需的每個技術設定步驟,或提供撥號音給特定網站。This article and the associated playbook aren’t intended to describe every technical configuration step required for service enablement or providing dial tone to a specific site. 相反地,他們會將重點放在快速的使用者的活動和工作上,並讓他們透過快速且流暢的過渡來開始使用團隊語音作業,同時將支援需求降至最低。Instead, they focus on activities and tasks recommended to onboard users easily and have them start consuming Teams voice workloads through a fast and smooth transition with a high adoption rate, while minimizing support requirements. 如需如何針對團隊語音設定最佳環境的技術指導方針,請參閱設定 小組語音工作負載的 [加入] 檢查清單、設定 團隊中的直接佈線團隊核心功能針對團隊提供的網路,以及 啟用 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365For technical guidance on how to best configure your environment for Teams voice, see the onboarding checklists for configuring Teams voice workloads, configuring Direct Routing in Teams, Teams core capabilities, networking for Teams, and enabling Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

行動手冊焦點區域Playbook focus areas

行動手冊的重點是解決影響使用者對小組語音部署所感覺的因素。The focus of the playbook is to address the factors that influence the user’s perception of a Teams voice deployment. 活動和工作會分為下列焦點區域:Activities and tasks are grouped into the following focus areas:

  • 驗證服務準備Validation of service readiness

    • 音訊會議Audio Conferencing
    • 通話方案Calling Plans
    • 直接路由Direct Routing
  • 使用者啟用User enablement

  • 端點Endpoints

  • 使用量與品質Usage and quality

  • 促進Adoption

[網站啟用行動手冊] 語音 (行動手冊) 是 Microsoft Excel 活頁簿。The Site Enablement Playbook for Voice (Playbook) is a Microsoft Excel workbook. 這五個焦點區域中的每一個都是活頁簿中的個別工作表,而每個部署工作和活動都會群組到其中一個工作表上。Each of these five focus areas is a separate sheet in the workbook, and each deployment task and activity is grouped onto one of these sheets.

[網站啟用行動手冊] 的螢幕擷取畫面Screenshot of the site enablement playbook


您將針對團隊推出的範圍內的每個網站,建立一個單獨的行動手冊實例。You’ll create a separate instance of the playbook for each site in scope for your Teams rollout.

如何使用行動手冊How to use the playbook

無論位置為何大小和複雜度,都能讓每個網站都能儘早規劃您的工作和活動,並在實際的服務推出期間和之後以最佳循序執行這些作業。Regardless of the size and complexity of the location, enabling each site requires that you plan your tasks and activities early enough—and execute them in optimal order—before, during, and after the actual service rollout. 我們建議您在規劃並執行自己的 Microsoft 團隊語音時,按照這些步驟進行。We recommend that you follow these steps as you plan and execute your own journey to Microsoft Teams voice.

  1. 下載適用于 Microsoft 團隊語音的 語音 (行動手冊) 中的 [網站啟用] 行動手冊 Download the Site Enablement Playbook for Voice (Playbook) for Microsoft Teams Voice.

  2. 針對每個網站分別建立 [行動手冊] 複本。Create a separate copy of the playbook for each site.

  3. 在名為 [ 行動手冊] {SiteName-code} 的工作表索引標籤上,將 {sitename 程式碼} 取代為相關的網站名稱和/或網站程式碼。On the tab for the sheet named Playbook for {SiteName-Code}, replace {SiteName-Code} with the relevant site name and/or site code.

  4. 輸入 網站名稱、網站程式碼規劃的啟動日期,如下所示。Enter the Site name, Site code, and Planned launch date, as illustrated below. 這是一個重要的步驟,因為它會針對行動手冊中的每個活動調整建議的截止時間。This is a critical step, because it adjusts the recommended deadlines for every activity in the playbook.

    包含網站名稱、網站程式碼及規劃啟動日期的範例Example with site name, site code, and planned launch date

  5. 查看每個活動、執行必要的動作,並在您逐步完成時程表時更新狀態。Review each activity, take necessary actions, and update the status as you walk through the timeline. 狀態以圖形表示,如下所述:Status is represented graphically, as described below:

    • 綠色核取記號的圖例為 [是] 或 [不適用] (綠色) : 活動已完成,或不適用於此網站,而且不需要採取進一步的動作。Illustration of a green check mark Yes, or not applicable (green): The activity has been completed, or it’s not applicable for this site, and no further action is needed.
    • 黃色驚嘆號的圖例 此活動尚未完成, (黃色) : 尚未完成該活動,且必須在其排程上將其更新為 [是] 或 [否]。Illustration of a yellow exclamation point The activity isn’t completed yet (yellow): The activity hasn’t been completed yet, and must be updated to Yes or No on its schedule.
    • 紅色 X 的圖例,指出沒有 (的紅色) : 由於問題而無法完成活動,且必須傳送給專案狀態會議。Illustration of a red X indicating no No (red): The activity can’t be completed because of an issue and must be carried to the project status meeting.
  6. 狀態是在每個區段中累計,而節標題則是以其中一個狀態指標來設定格式。The status is rolled up within each section, and the section heading is formatted with one of these status indicators. [每週] 狀態也會自動更新。Weekly status is also updated automatically.

[行動手冊] 中每週狀態匯總的螢幕擷取畫面Screenshot of the weekly status roll-ups in the playbook


針對您所有的位置,重複上述步驟。Repeat the steps above for all the locations you have.


某些步驟可能不適用於所有位置與網站。Some steps might not be applicable to all locations and sites. 如果特定活動與網站無關,您必須選取 [ 不適 用於此活動]。If a specific activity isn’t relevant to a site, you must select Not applicable for this activity. 請勿刪除 [行動手冊] 中的任何資料列;如果您這樣做,狀態匯總公式將無法運作。DO NOT DELETE any rows in the playbook; if you do, the status roll-up formulas won’t work.

請注意,可能會花費比您計畫更多時間的活動(例如,數位移植與採購活動)。Pay attention to activities that might take more time than you planned for, such as number porting and procurement activities. 這些活動可能會對網站部署時程表造成負面影響。These activities can negatively affect the site deployment timeline. 請務必查看並更新活動清單及相關聯的時程表,並在 指導委員會會議 中展示,以確保專案關係人知道每個網站的狀態,以及部署排程的任何可能的偏差。Be sure to review and update the activity list and the associated timeline weekly, and present them at steering committee meetings to ensure that stakeholders are aware of the status of each site and any possible deviations from the deployment schedule.

An icon depicting decision points
決策點Decision points
  • 決定您的部署是否需要網站啟用行動手冊。Decide if the Site Enablement Playbook is required for your deployment.
  • 針對您要部署的每個網站,決定誰將負責為 Microsoft 團隊自訂 [網站啟用] 行動手冊。Decide who will be responsible for customizing the Site Enablement Playbook for Microsoft Teams for every site you’ll deploy.
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後續步驟Next steps