使用 Advisor for Teams 協助您推出 Microsoft TeamsUse Advisor for Teams to help you roll out Microsoft Teams

Advisor for Teams 會引導您完成 Microsoft Teams 的推廣。Advisor for Teams walks you through your Microsoft Teams rollout. 它能評估您的Microsoft Office 365 組織環境,並指出您在成功推行 Microsoft Teams前可能需要更新或修改的最常用設定。It assesses your Microsoft 365 organization environment and identifies the most common configurations that you may need to update or modify before you can successfully roll out Teams. 接著,Advisor for Teams 會建立部署團隊 (在 Teams 中),並為您要推出的每個工作負載建立頻道。部署團隊中的每項工作負載隨附有全方位的 Planner 計劃,其中包含每個工作負載的所有推出工作。Then, Advisor for Teams creates a Deployment team (in Teams), with channels for each workload you want to roll out. Each workload in the Deployment team comes with a comprehensive Planner plan that includes all the rollout tasks for each workload. 您可以使用此 Planner 計劃,將工作指派給每個推廣階段的負責人,包括專案經理、Teams 服務系統管理員、支援人員,以及您的採用和使用者整備團隊。Using this Planner plan, you'll assign tasks to the people responsible for each phase of the rollout - including the project manager, Teams service admins, support people, and your adoption and user readiness team. 每項推廣工作都包含所有您成功完成工作所需的指引和資源。Each rollout task contains all the guidance and resources you need to successfully complete the task.

Advisor for Teams 是 Teams 系統管理中心的功能之一。Advisor for Teams is part of the Teams admin center. 您至少會需要 Microsoft 365 商務基本版授權,才能運用 Advisor for Teams 和 Forms 與 Planner 的整合。At a minimum, you'll need a Microsoft 365 Business Basic license so you can take advantage of the Advisor for Teams integration with Forms and Planner. 若要開始使用 Advisor for Teams,請在儀表板上按一下 [部署 Teams 工作負載] 小工具中的 [啟動] 按鈕。To begin using Advisor for Teams, click the Start button in the Deploying Teams workload widget on the Dashboard. 或者前往 規劃 > Teams 建議程式Or go to Planning > Teams Advisor.


Advisor for Teams 不適用於 Microsoft 365 政府版 (GCC High 或 DoD) 部署。Advisor for Teams isn't available for Microsoft 365 Government (GCC High or DoD) deployments.

如需 Advisor for Teams 的逐步指導,請參閱部署及設定 Microsoft Teams Microsoft Mechanics 影片。For a guided overview of the Advisor for Teams experience, check out the Deploy & Configure Microsoft Teams Microsoft Mechanics video.

使用 Advisor for TeamsUsing Advisor for Teams

Teams、Forms 和 Planner 授權是使用適用於 Teams 的建議程式所需的授權。Teams, Forms, and Planner licenses are required to use Advisor for Teams. 不過,若要使用 Advisor for Teams,您不必成為 Teams 系統管理員,組織中的任何人都能使用。However, you don't have to be a Teams admin to use Advisor for Teams - anybody in your organization can use it. 我們已設定特殊權限,讓非系統管理員的使用者可以使用 Advisor for Teams,即使 Advisor for Teams 位於 Teams 系統管理中心亦可。We've set up special permissions so non-admin users can get to Advisor for Teams, even though it's in the Teams admin center. 您必須是 Teams 系統管理員、Teams 服務管理員或全域管理員,才能開啟租用戶整備評估 (這是因為特殊的非管理員角色無法存取位於評估底層的 Microsoft Graph API)。You DO have to be a Teams admin, Teams Service Administrator, or Global Administrator to open the tenant readiness assessments (this is because the special non-admin roles don't have access to the Microsoft Graph APIs underlying the assessments).


如果小組系統管理中心的 [規劃] 中遺漏 Teams 建議程式,表示該使用者未取得 Teams 的授權。If Teams Advisor is missing under Planning in the Teams admin center, it means the user isn't licensed for Teams.

第一次使用 Advisor for Teams 時,系統會為您在 Teams 中建立部署團隊。The first time you use Advisor for Teams, it will create a Deployment team for you in Teams. 並針對您選取的每個工作負載新增頻道。It adds a channel for each workload you select.


如果部署團隊已建立,而其他使用者嘗試建立,則會發生錯誤,通知他們與其支援小組聯繫。If a Deployment team has already been created and a different user tries to create it, they'll get an error telling them to contact their support team. 這可防止 Teams 意外公開現有團隊及其成員的相關資訊。This prevents Teams from unintentionally disclosing information about the existing team and its members. 請要求部署團隊的擁有者新增您,或與支援人員聯繫以取得協助。Ask the owner of the Deployment team to add you, or contact your support person for help.

可使用的 Advisor for Teams 方案Available Advisor for Teams plans

Advisor for Teams 目前提供下列方案:Advisor for Teams currently provides the following plans:

  1. 聊天、團隊、頻道和應用程式Chat, teams, channels, and apps
    • 租用戶評估Tenant assessment
    • Planner 計劃,包括採用工作Planner plan, including adoption tasks
    • Forms 使用者問卷Forms user survey
    • Advisor for Teams BotAdvisor for Teams bot
  2. 會議和研討會Meetings and conferencing
    • 租用戶評估Tenant assessment
    • Planner 計劃,包括採用工作Planner plan, including adoption tasks
    • Forms 使用者問卷Forms user survey
    • Advisor for Teams BotAdvisor for Teams bot
  3. 商務用 Skype 升級Skype for Business upgrade
    • 租用戶評估Tenant assessment
    • Planner 計劃,包括採用工作Planner plan, including adoption tasks
    • Forms 使用者問卷Forms user survey
    • Advisor for Teams BotAdvisor for Teams bot
    • 專為目前正在使用商務用 Skype Online 或商務用 Skype 內部部署環境的客戶設計,商務用 Skype 升級計畫可幫助您擺脫升級過程中的猜測。Designed for customers who are currently using Skype for Business Online or Skype for Business on-premises environments, the Skype for Business upgrade plan will help you take the guesswork out of your upgrade journey. 該計劃將利用一個行之有效的成功框架來實作變更,無論您是剛開始使用 Teams、已經將 Teams與商務用 Skype 搭配使用還是準備進行升級,它都將指導您逐步進行操作。Leveraging a proven success framework for implementing change, the plan will guide you through the step-by-step process whether you’re just getting started with Teams, already using Teams alongside Skype for Business, or ready to upgrade. 該計劃還將提供您線上指南和最佳做法可下載資產即時一對多規劃研討會以及其他資源,以支援您成功升級。The plan will also connect you to online guidance and best practices, downloadable assets, live 1:many planning workshops, and additional resources to support your success.

我們建議您從交談、團隊、頻道和應用程式的方案開始。We recommend that you start with the Chat, teams, channels, and apps plan. 您完成該工作負載的部署後,請返回 Advisor for Teams,選取 [新增頻道] 以開始下一項工作負載。When you're done deploying that workload, go back to Advisor for Teams and select Add channel to start the next workload.

租用戶評估Tenant assessment

每個方案都包含租用戶整備評估,可讓您在推出 Teams 前快速識別任何可能需要修復的環境問題。Each plan includes a tenant readiness assessment that you can use to quickly identify aspects of your environment that may need remediation before you roll out Teams. 評估包括必要條件與最佳做法。The assessments include prerequisites and best practices. 每個評估測試都會顯示綠色核取記號或橙色警告三角形。Each assessment test will have a green check mark or an orange warning triangle.

  • Green check mark綠色核取記號表示租用戶已通過特定測試。A green check mark means your tenant passed the specific test.
  • Yellow alert mark橙色警告三角形表示我們建議您追蹤以判斷是否需要任何動作 (例如,建議使用 Microsoft 365 群組到期原則,但非必須)。An orange warning triangle means that we suggest you follow up to determine if any action is needed (for example, a Microsoft 365 Group expiration policy is recommended but not required).


擁有系統管理員角色的使用者啟動 Advisor for Teams 後,所有評估都會在背景執行。Once a user with an Administrative role starts Advisor for Teams, all assessments run in the background. 如果您進行更新或修補,這些內容可能不會在最多 24 小時內反映到評估中。If you update or remediate something, it may not be reflected in your assessments for up to 24 hours.

下列各節說明每項評估,包括是否有任何一項是必要條件或最佳做法、每項評估檢查的執行方式和理由,並視需要提供修補指引。The sections below describe each assessment, including whether something is a prerequisite or best practices, what each assessment checks is doing and why, and guidance for remediation as needed.

所有工作負載的評估測試Assessment tests for all workloads

評估測試Assessment test 代表意義What it tells you
已設定虛名網域Vanity domain configured 您的租用戶是否有設定非 @onmicrosoft.com 的網域 (例如 @contoso.onmicrosoft.com)。Whether there's a non-@onmicrosoft.com domain configured for your tenant (for example, @contoso.onmicrosoft.com). 當然,您可以選擇使用 @onmicrosoft.com 網域或設定虛名網域。You can use the @onmicrosoft.com domain, of course, or you can configure a vanity domain - your choice. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱新增網域至 Microsoft 365For more information, read Add a domain to Microsoft 365.
Teams 授權Teams licenses 這是必要條件,您 必須具有 Teams 授權才能推出 Teams。This is a prerequisite - you must have Teams licenses in order to roll out Teams. 查詢 Microsoft Graph,查看您是否具有 Teams 授權 (至少有一個授權可供指派)。Queries the Microsoft Graph to see whether you have Teams licenses (with at least one license available to assign). 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Microsoft Teams 服務描述For more information, read Microsoft Teams service description.
Exchange Online 授權Exchange Online licenses 您的可用 Exchange Online 授權是否為有效訂閱。Whether you have an active subscription with available Exchange Online licenses. 雖然 Exchange 並非 Teams 基本功能的必要項目,但是與 Exchange 整合可以提供最佳的 Teams 體驗。While Exchange isn't required for basic Teams functionality, integration with Exchange provides an optimal Teams experience. 查詢 Microsoft Graph 以分析與租用戶相關聯的訂閱,並驗證您是否具有合格的 Exchange Online 授權訂閱 (至少有一個授權可供指派)。Queries the Microsoft Graph to analyze the subscriptions associated with your tenant and validate whether you have subscriptions with an eligible Exchange Online license (with at least one license available to assign). 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Exchange 和 Teams 如何互動For more information, read How Exchange and Teams interact.
SharePoint Online 授權SharePoint Online licenses 您的可用 SharePoint Online 授權是否為有效訂閱。Whether you have an active subscription with available SharePoint Online licenses. 我們建議採用每位使用者 SharePoint Online 授權,以便在聊天中提供商務用 OneDrive 用於檔案儲存。We recommend per-user SharePoint Online licenses to provide OneDrive for Business for file storage in chats. 查詢 Microsoft Graph,查看您是否具有 SharePoint Online 授權 (至少有一個授權可供指派)。Queries the Microsoft Graph to see whether you have SharePoint Online licenses (with at least one license available to assign). 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Sharepoint 和商務用 OneDrive 如何與 Teams 互動For more information, read How SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business interact with Teams.
已啟用來賓存取Guest access enabled 是否已開啟來賓存取Whether guest access is turned on. 來賓存取可讓您邀請外部使用者加入您的團隊。Guest access lets you invite external users to your join your teams. 查閱 在小組中與來賓共同作業逐步引導您開啟 Teams 中的來賓存取;此檢查清單包含所需的 Azure AD 設定。See Collaborate with guests in a team to walk through turning on guest access in Teams; the checklist includes the required Azure AD configurations.
已設定外部存取External access configured 是否已開啟外部存取Whether external access is turned on. 預設為開啟,並採用開放式同盟。By default, it's turned on, with open federation.

聊天、團隊、頻道和應用程式評估Assessments for chat, teams, channels, and apps

除了所有工作負載的評估測試,還會針對聊天、團隊、頻道和應用程式工作負載執行下列額外的評估:In addition to the Assessment tests for all workloads, the following additional assessments are run for the chat, teams, channels, and apps workload:

評估測試Assessment test 代表意義What it tells you
Microsoft 365 群組命名原則已設定完成Microsoft 365 Group naming policy configured 是否已針對 Microsoft 365 群組設定命名標準。Whether naming standards have been configured for Microsoft 365 Groups. Microsoft 365 群組命名原則可讓貴組織為使用者建立的團隊套用一致的命名策略,也適用於其他群組工作負載 (包括 Outlook、SharePoint、Planner 和 Yammer)。Microsoft 365 Groups naming policy enables your organization to apply a consistent naming strategy to user-created teams and also applies to other Groups workloads (including Outlook, SharePoint, Planner, and Yammer). 此測試會經由 Microsoft Graph 查詢 Azure AD,以檢查適用於 Microsoft 365 群組的命名原則是否存在。This test queries Azure AD via the Microsoft Graph to check for the existence of naming policies that apply to Microsoft 365 Groups. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 群組命名原則For more information, read Groups naming policy.
Microsoft 365 群組到期原則已設定完成。Microsoft 365 Group Expiration Policy configured 是否已為 Microsoft 365 群組定義群組到期原則。Whether a Group Expiration Policy has been defined for Microsoft 365 Groups. 這能讓貴組織自動移除非作用中的團隊。This enables your organization to automatically remove inactive Teams. 預設為關閉。It's turned off by default. 此測試經由 Microsoft Graph 查詢 Azure AD,並報告是否已修改預設值。This test queries Azure AD via the Microsoft Graph and reports whether the value has been modified from the default. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Microsoft 365 群組到期原則For more information, read Microsoft 365 group expiration policy.

會議和研討會評估Assessments for meetings and conferencing

除了所有工作負載的評估測試,還會針對會議和研討會工作負載執行下列額外的評估:In addition to the Assessment tests for all workloads, the following additional assessments are run for the meetings and conferencing workload:

評估測試Assessment test 代表意義What it tells you
音訊會議授權Audio Conferencing licenses 您的音訊會議授權是否為有效訂閱。Whether you have an active subscription with Audio conferencing licenses. 如果您要部署音訊會議橋接器,這是必要條件。This is a prerequisite if you're deploying Audio conferencing bridges. 查詢 Microsoft Graph,查看您是否具有音訊會議授權 (至少有一個授權可供指派)。如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Teams 附加元件授權Queries the Microsoft Graph to see whether you have Audio Conferencing licenses (with at least one license available to assign) For more information, read Teams add-on licensing.
Stream 授權Stream licenses 您是否有使用 Microsoft Stream 授權的有效訂閱。Whether you have an active subscription with Microsoft Stream licenses. 如果您要開啟會議錄製,這是必要條件。This is a prerequisite if you want to turn on Meeting Recording. 查詢 Microsoft Graph,查看您是否具有 Microsoft Stream 授權 (至少有一個授權可供指派)。Queries the Microsoft Graph to see whether you have Microsoft Stream licenses (with at least one license available to assign). 如需有關 Stream 和開啟方式的詳細資訊,請參閱 Teams 雲端會議錄製For more information on Stream and how to turn it on, read Teams cloud meeting recording.

商務用 Skype 升級評估Assessments for Skype for Business Upgrade

除了所有工作負載的評估測試之外,商務用 Skype 升級也包含評估會議與會議方案。In addition to the Assessment tests for all workloads, Skype for Business Upgrade also includes assessments used in the meetings and conferencing plan.

Advisor for Teams BotAdvisor for Teams bot

Advisor for Teams 建立部署團隊後,Advisor Bot 會在 [一般] 頻道傳遞下列訊息:Once Advisor for Teams creates your Deployment team, the Advisor bot delivers the following message in the General channel:

歡迎使用 Microsoft Teams 的部署團隊!Welcome to your Deployment team for Microsoft Teams!

此團隊的目的是引導您完成您組織的 Teams 推廣,給予您所有需要的資源並提供共同作業空間給專案團隊使用。The purpose of this team is to walk you through your organization's Teams rollout by giving you all the resources you need and providing a collaboration space for the project team. 使用 Advisor for Teams 建立的每個頻道都包含有逐步的 Planner 規劃和其他資源,例如可在推廣期間使用的 Forms 使用者問卷。Each channel created using Advisor for Teams includes a step-by-step Planner plan and other resources such as a Forms users survey that can be used throughout your rollout. 您可以隨時返回並檢閱租用戶整備評估,或是使用 Teams 系統管理中心新增額外的工作負載計劃。At any point, you can go back and review the tenant readiness assessment or add additional workload plans using the Teams admin center.

行動信號Call to action

  • 如果您剛開始使用 Teams 或 Planner,請參閱我們的 Teams 逐步解說 並觀賞 Planner 快速入門影片If you're new to Teams or Planner, check out our Teams walkthrough and watch the Planner quick-start videos.
  • 前往 Teams 中的部署團隊。Head over to your Deployment team in Teams. 選取您的工作負載頻道 (例如交談、團隊、頻道和應用程式),然後選取 [Planner] 索引標籤以開始使用。Select your workload channel (for example, Chat, teams, channels, and apps), and select the Planner tab to get started.

若要深入了解 Advisor for Teams,請閱讀 使用 Advisor for Teams 推出 Microsoft TeamsTo learn more about Advisor for Teams, read Use Advisor for Teams to roll out Microsoft Teams.


Advisor for Teams Bot 只能用來傳遞歡迎訊息給部署團隊。The Advisor for Teams Bot is only used to send a welcome message to your Deployment team. 不會收集額外的資料。No additional data is collected.


Advisor for Teams Bot 依預設為開啟。The Advisor for Teams bot is turned on by default. 如果您使用或計劃使用 Advisor for Teams,則請勿關閉此功能。Don't turn it off if you use or plan on using Advisor for Teams.

Advisor for Teams 和 Microsoft 365 學習路徑Advisor for Teams and Microsoft 365 learning pathways

Microsoft 365 學習路徑 是隨選學習解決方案,您可以自訂以訓練您的使用者,並提高您組織中對於 Teams 的使用及採用。Microsoft 365 learning pathways is an on-demand learning solution that you can customize to train your users, and increase usage and adoption of Teams in your organization. 將學習路徑與 Advisor for Teams 搭配使用,以讓您的使用者快速設定並執行和推動採用。Use learning pathways together with Advisor for Teams to get your users up and running quickly and drive adoption.

學習路徑可提供您 SharePoint Online 網站範本,以及為使用者輕鬆建立學習網站的能力。Learning pathways gives you a SharePoint Online site template and the ability to easily build a learning site for your users. 您可以自訂學習路徑訓練入口網站,以包含特定於使用者需求的訓練與支援內容。You can customize the learning pathways training portal to include training and support content specific to your users' needs. 從 Microsoft online 目錄使用 Teams 播放清單,並新增您自己的播放清單。Use the Teams playlists from the Microsoft online catalog and add your own.

您可以在學習路徑建立學習網站,然後將它以索引標籤新增至小組中的頻道,讓使用者快速輕鬆地存取。You can build a learning site in learning pathways, and then add it as a tab to a channel in teams for quick and easy access by users.

舉例來說,使用 Advisor for Teams 搭配使用學習路徑以訓練您的支援人員和擁護者,然後讓學習路徑支援訓練您的終端使用者。For example, use Advisor for Teams together with learning pathways to train your help desk and Champions, and then let learning pathways support training your end users. 建立學習網站,以協助您將支援人員和擁護者加入小組,然後將它以索引標籤新增至您正在推出的每個工作負載頻道。您的支援人員和擁護者之後就可以在學習路徑訓練入口網站建立支援頁面,其中包含連結和自訂播放清單以支援 Teams 上的使用者。Build a learning site to help onboard your help desk and Champions to Teams, and then add it as a tab to each workload channel that you're rolling out. Your help desk and Champions can then create a support page on the learning pathways training portal with links and custom playlists to support your users on Teams. 這個支援頁面可新增至任何小組的頻道,以協助訓練您的終端使用者。This support page can be added to a channel in any team to help train your end users.

以下是如何使用 Advisor for Teams 搭配使用學習路徑的概觀。The following is an overview of how you can use Advisor for Teams together with learning pathways.

開始使用學習路徑Get started in learning pathways

若要開始使用學習路徑,請參閱 開始使用學習路徑To get started with learning pathways, check out Get started with learning pathways.

若要在您的環境中設定新的學習路徑解決方案,請參閱 提供新的學習路徑解決方案To set up a new learning pathways solution in your environment, see Provision a new learning pathways solution.

建立學習計劃Create a learning plan

規劃您的學習內容Plan your learning content

在您將網站建立在學習路徑中之前,請先花時間檢閱並收集您可以使用的學習資源和功能。Before you build your site in learning pathways, take some time to review and collect the learning resources and capabilities available to you. 透過學習路徑,您可以使用在 Microsoft 365 訓練頁面中的內容,並新增您建立的內容,以量身打造具您獨特需求的網站。With learning pathways, you can use content from the Microsoft 365 training page and add content that you create to tailor the site to your unique needs.

若要深入瞭解,請參閱 規劃您的學習路徑內容,以及 支援遠端工作力的資源To learn more, see Plan your learning pathways content and Resources for supporting your remote workforce.

探索學習路徑中的 Teams 內容Explore Teams content in learning pathways

學習路徑提供 SharePoint 網站,其中包含已連線至線上目錄的網頁組件。Learning pathways provides a SharePoint site with a web part that's connected to an online catalog. 主控網頁元件的 Microsoft 365 訓練頁面顯示出學習路徑中可供使用的所有訓練。The Microsoft 365 training page, which hosts the web part, shows all the training available in learning pathways. 請多看看以熟悉有哪些服務,及內容的組織方式。Have a look around to get familiar with what's available and how content is organized.

移至您的學習路徑網站,選取 [ Microsoft 365 訓練],然後選取 Microsoft Teams 以查看線上目錄中所有的 Teams 訓練播放清單。Go to your learning pathways site, select Microsoft 365 training, and then select Microsoft Teams to see all the Teams training playlists in the online catalog. 選取播放清單,然後選取 [下一步]上一步 按鈕以進行瀏覽。Select a playlist and then select the Next and Previous buttons to navigate through it. 您也可以按一下向下鍵,以檢視播放清單內容,並移至特定主題。You can also click the down arrow to view the contents of the playlist and go to a specific topic.

清查貴組織中的 Teams 學習資源Take an inventory of Teams learning resources in your organization

檢視已可在貴組織中使用的 Teams 學習內容。Review the Teams learning content that's already available in your organization. 例如,您可能已針對 Teams 開發自訂的登入、訓練或支援內容。For example, you may have already developed custom onboarding, training, or support content for Teams. 您現有的 SharePoint 資產可以與播放清單中的 Microsoft 內容混用,以為您的組織建立目標播放清單。Your existing SharePoint assets can be mixed with Microsoft content in a playlist to build a targeted playlist for your organization.

在學習路徑中建立您的網站Build your site in learning pathways

學習路徑中的 系統管理成功中心 提供指引和資源,以協助您規劃和自訂您組織中的學習路徑。The Admin Success Center in learning pathways provides guidance and resources to help you plan and customize learning pathways in your organization. 瞭解如何 自訂網站、顯示及隱藏內容、建立自訂播放清單等等。Learn how to customize the site, show and hide content, build custom playlists, and more.

若要存取 [系統管理成功中心],請在學習路徑首頁上選取 系統管理成功中心To access the Admin Success Center, on the learning pathways Home page, select Admin Success Center.

將您的網站新增至 TeamsAdd your site to Teams

當您的網站準備就緒時,請將它新增到任一小組的頻道中,以便快速輕鬆地存取。When your site is ready, add it to a channel in any team for quick and easy access.

  1. 在 Teams 中,請前往小組然後選取頻道。In Teams, go to the team, and then select a channel.
  2. 在頻道頁面頂端,選取 + (新增索引標籤)。At the top of the channel page, select + (Add a tab).
  3. 選取 [SharePoint 頁面],然後選取 [在任何 SharePoint 網站新增頁面]Select SharePoint Pages, and then select Add a page from any SharePoint site.
  4. 將您的學習路徑網站 URL 貼上,然後選取 [儲存]Paste the URL of your learning pathways site, and then select Save.

若要深入瞭解,請參閱 將 SharePoint 頁面或清單新增至 Teams 中的頻道To learn more, see Add a SharePoint page or list to a channel in Teams.

訓練您的支援小組Train your support team

使用您學習路徑網站中的資源,以將您的支援人員和擁護者加入 Teams。Use the resources in your learning pathways site to onboard your help desk and Champions to Teams. 透過他們所需的工具和資訊使其準備就緒,以支援您在 Teams 中的使用者。Get them ready with the tools and information they need to support your users on Teams.

如需有關針對 Teams 準備您的支援人員和擁護者的指引和資源,請參閱 訓練您的組織打造擁護者For guidance and resources on preparing your help desk and Champions for Teams, see Train your org and Build Champions.

當您的使用者針對「操作方法」」問題而移至聯絡時,您的技術人員和擁護者可使用 [學習路徑] 網站以訓練使用者,並將該網站視為建立支援票證的其他選項。As the go-to contact for your users for “how to” questions, your help desk and Champions can use the learning pathways site to train users and as an alternative to creating support tickets. 透過建立訓練和支援頁面,鼓勵您的技術人員和擁護者以 自訂您的學習路徑網站,然後在小組中將其 以索引標籤新增至頻道中 供使用者自助服務。Encourage your help desk and Champions to customize your learning pathways site by building a training and support page, and then add it as a tab to a channel in a team for users to self-serve.

推動採用Drive adoption

在您自訂您的網站並將您的學習方案放在一起之後,請考量您將如何促進使用者的認知,以鼓勵他們針對持續學習來使用學習路徑。After you have customized your site and put together your learning plans, consider how you'll drive awareness with your users to encourage them to use learning pathways for ongoing learning.

使用您的通訊頻道以推廣網站及引起關注。Use your communication channels to promote the site and generate awareness. 例如,在與您的使用者溝通中加入標準的標語,像是「查看我們的訓練及支援網站,瞭解如何透過 Teams 提高生產力」。For example, include a standard tagline such as “Check out our training and support site for how to get productive with Teams” in communications to your users.

透過將使用者可在 Teams 中共同作業的方式醒目提示,給予他們鼓勵,然後將他們導向至學習路徑網站以瞭解使用方式。Engage your users by highlighting the ways they can collaborate in Teams, and then direct them to the learning pathways site to learn how.

請檢視這些資源,其中包括指引、採用套件、最佳做法等等,以協助您執行成功的推出和採用計畫。Check out these resources, which include guidance, adoption kits, best practices, and more, to help you implement a successful rollout and adoption plan.

常見問題集Frequently asked questions

Advisor for Teams 的授權需求為何?What are the licensing requirements for Advisor for Teams

您至少會需要 Microsoft 365 商務基本版,才能運用 Advisor for Teams 和 Forms 與 Planner 的整合。At a minimum, you'll need Microsoft 365 Business Basic so you can take advantage of the Advisor for Teams integration with Forms and Planner.

我可以刪除部署團隊嗎?Can I delete the Deployment team

在 Advisor for Teams 建立您的部署團隊後,請像管理其他團隊一樣管理該團隊,包括刪除團隊。After Advisor for Teams has created your Deployment team, manage the team like any other team - including the ability to delete it. 請注意,如果您不是使用 Teams 系統管理中心刪除團隊,Teams 系統管理中心會顯示該團隊依然存在。Be aware that, if you don't delete the team by using the Teams admin center, the Teams admin center will show that the team still exists.

我是否可以在部署團隊中新增或移除頻道?Can I add or remove channels in the Deployment team

可以,部署團隊建立後,您就能使用與其他任何團隊相同的方式管理頻道。Yes, once the Deployment team has been created, you'll manage the channels the same way as any other team.

我是否可以在部署團隊中新增或移除專案團隊成員?Can I add or remove project team members in the Deployment team

可以,部署團隊建立後,您就能使用與其他任何團隊相同的方式管理該團隊。Yes, once the Deployment team has been created, you'll manage it the same way as any other team.

我可以修改 Planner 計劃嗎?Can I modify the Planner plans

是的,Advisor for Teams 建立部署團隊後,您應該更新 Planner 計劃,使這項計劃能夠完全支援 Teams 的推出。Yes, after Advisor for Teams has created your Deployment team, you should update the Planner plan so it best supports your Teams rollout. 您可以修改任何項目,如目標區、工作、工作詳細資訊,就像其他任何 Planner 計劃一樣。You can modify anything - buckets, tasks, task details - just like any other Planner plan.

我可以修改 Forms 問卷嗎Can I modify the Forms survey

可以,Advisor for Teams 建立部署團隊後,您可以視需要修改 Forms 問卷。Yes, after Advisor for Teams has created your Deployment team, you can modify the Forms survey as needed.

在 GCC 中的 Advisor for Teams 是否有任何不同Are there any differences between Advisor for Teams in GCC

有的,使用者問卷 Forms 已建立,但尚未固定在計畫頻道中,因為目前 GCC 尚不支援 Teams Forms 應用程式。Yes, user survey Forms are created but are not pinned in plan channels as the Teams Forms app is not available in GCC presently.

Advisor for Teams 會收集有關我組織的哪些資訊?What information is Advisor for Teams collecting about my organization

Advisor for Teams 會尋求您的同意才收集非 EUII (使用者識別資訊)。Advisor for Teams requests your agreement to collecting non-EUII (end user identifying information). 這些資訊以遙測形式進行收集,將有關 Advisor for Teams 成功導入後的成果以及需要改善之處的回饋意見提供給 Microsoft。The information that is collected is in the form of telemetry that provides feedback to Microsoft on how well Advisor for Teams is driving successful outcomes and where it may need to be improved. 相同的資料也會用來找出 Microsoft 可以主動與您組織合作的機會,協助您進行部署。This same data is used to identify opportunities for Microsoft to proactively engage with your organization in an effort to assist with your deployment.

我可以使用 Advisor for Teams 搭配 FastTrack 嗎Can I use Advisor for Teams with FastTrack

可以,FastTrack 會針對所有希望部署 Teams 的客戶運用 Advisor for Teams。Yes, FastTrack leverages Advisor for Teams for all customers looking to deploy Teams. 他們可以使用 Advisor for Teams 協助您部署團隊的初始設定 (如有需要),也可以在 Teams 推出期間針對特定主題提供所需的支援。They can assist with the initial setup of your Deployment team using Advisor for Teams (if required) and also provide as-needed support on specific topics during your Teams rollout.

我可以與合作夥伴一起使用 Advisor for Teams 嗎?Can I use Advisor for Teams with a partner

可以,您使用 Advisor for Teams 的同時,也可以利用部署合作夥伴進行 Teams 部署。Yes, you can use Advisor for Teams while also using a deployment partner for your Teams deployment. 如果您的合作夥伴是 CSP 並代替您管理租用戶,則您的合作夥伴可以使用 Advisor for Teams 建立部署團隊並協助您執行整個專案。If your partner is a CSP and manages your tenant on your behalf, they can use Advisor for Teams to create your Deployment team and assist you with executing the overall project. 此外,您可以與任何合作夥伴合作,方法是將這些個人新增為部署團隊中的來賓,讓他們參與成為整個專案團隊的成員。Additionally, you can work with any partner by adding those individuals as guests in your Deployment team, to allow them to participate as a member of the overall project team.

如何使用 PlannerHow do I use Planner

請參閱 Microsoft Planner 說明Planner 快速入門影片Check out Microsoft Planner help and the Planner quick-start videos.

如何使用 FormsHow do I use Forms

請前往 Forms 說明中心Go to the Forms help center.

自訂您的 Teams AdvisorCustomize your Teams advisor

如何推出 TeamsHow to roll out Teams

在 Teams 中組織團隊的最佳做法Best practices for organizing teams in Teams

用於授權的產品名稱和服務方案識別碼Product names and service plan identifiers for licensing