Sparkle Updates

Sparkle is a software update framework for macOS and Windows (WinSparkle, NetSparkleUpdater) apps.

Setup for distribution

Install the Sparkle SDK in your app and configure the App Center Sparkle feed. To access the Sparkle feed of an app in App Center, navigate to your app settings, click on the three dots menu, and copy the app secret. Set SUFeedURL to{app_secret} and replace {app_secret} with your app secret. Build your app and release it to a public distribution group in App Center. All versions that are released to a public distribution group show up in the App Center Sparkle feed.

Sparkle support for sandboxes in macOS is under development (09/2019). If you require sandboxes, check out the following fork and this discussion.

Specify the DSA or EdDSA signature via API

Once the app is released, you can use the following endpoint to update the dsa_signature or ed_signature of your release. You can also choose to provide both signatures for backwards-compatibility. Once updated, you can verify that the feed URL includes the provided signature(s).