Cloud Power on Ignition Showcase

For those ISVs that want to come up to speed quickly on Microsoft’s Cloud initiatives, here is a summary of the Cloud related posts that have appeared in the Ignition Showcase blog recently. The posts are categorized by:

  1. General Cloud

  2. Public Cloud

  3. Private Cloud


1. General Cloud

An ISV in the Age of the Cloud

It is important that we know who our constituency is. That has prompted us to think hard and long about what an ISV is. I realize that many of you may think this is a naïve question since “everyone knows” the answer. But bear with me a bit because, thanks to the new cloud computing paradigm that is upon us, the definition needs extension to accommodate a new type of ISV the SaaS (Software as a Service) vendor.

Journey to the Cloud

No company other than Microsoft has so many cloud solutions that you can apply to solving your business needs. What this means for Independent Software Vendors and Partners is that we have truly entered a new generation of Information Technology. No product or service can be successful without taking the cloud into consideration.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is about out sourcing your IT to get internet scale, availability and manageability.

How Secure is the Microsoft Cloud?

As an ISV implementing an application running in Microsoft’s Cloud you will be asked how secure it is compared to running the same application in your own data center.

Drive Demand and Close Sales for your Microsoft Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions

Live Session to learn about the NEW Cloud Power Campaign, as well as the Optimized Datacenter, Business Ready Security, and Simplify IT campaigns. 

2. Public Cloud

Hands on Labs on Moving Applications to the Cloud

Based on the recently published Microsoft Patterns and Practices guide Developing Applications for the Cloud on the Microsoft Windows Azure™ Platform.

High Performance Computing – On-Premise and In the Windows Azure Cloud

For HPC applications requiring extremely low latency Microsoft has for some time had a product, HPC Server 2008 that provides an on-premise architecture Now Windows Azure can participate in HPC solutions.

Mark Russinovich on Windows Azure

Mark discusses why you should move to the cloud and the internal architecture of Windows Azure.

The Windows Azure Platform Appliance for Everyone? Not!

In the world of Windows Azure there is a major misconception that the Windows Azure Platform Appliance announced at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WWPC) in July is Microsoft’s answer to having your own Private Cloud. This is not correct.

Windows Azure for IT Pros

There is a lot of developer-focused information on the web about the Windows Azure Platform. This blog post series is one designed for the non-developer IT professional. 

Weekly Azure Updates from OakLeaf Systems

Harnesses Visual Studio LightSwitch Windows Azure Infrastructure Windows Azure Platform Appliance (WAPA), Hyper-V and Private Clouds Cloud Security and Governance Cloud Computing Events and Other Cloud Computing topics.

Contemplating a Move to the Cloud?

Are you an ISV contemplating moving your product or service to the cloud? Cumulux is an ISV that has their own line of products and they also have an interesting methodology for helping other ISVs and customers to move their applications and services to the Windows Azure cloud.

Dynamics CRM 2011: xRM Cloud Acceleration Lab Videos

While hosting xRM Cloud Acceleration Lab (week of 6 th Dec’10; Redmond, WA), I got an opportunity to chat with several ISVs, building their Cloud Offerings using Dynamics CRM 2011 Online.

SQL Azure Raises the Cloud Database Bar

SQL Azure takes the power of SQL Server to the cloud allowing you to leverage relational data as you do on-premise SQL Server data.

Microsoft is “All In” Cloud Expo in New York

Lest there be any doubt that Microsoft is “All In” the cloud, we recently were one of the primary sponsors of Cloud Expo at New York’s Javits Convention Center. Highlight of the expo was a complete Windows Azure compute and storage container.

Microsoft Releases Open Source Tools for the Cloud

Microsoft makes commitment to Openness in the Cloud: Releases new OSS tools for Windows Azure New tools and SDKs expand choices for PHP developers targeting Windows Azure.

xRM Cloud Acceleration Lab Video: Permuta Technologies

During xRM Cloud Acceleration Lab (week of 6th Dec'10, Redmond, WA), I got an opportunity to chat with David Milton, CTO, Permuta Technologies , regarding their cloud strategy using Dynamics CRM.

Developing SharePoint Applications that Run On-Premise or in the Cloud

If you are an ISV considering moving an on-premise SharePoint application to SharePoint Online or interested in developing applications that can run in either mode this webcast is one that you should not miss.

Free Windows Azure Webinars for ISVs

If you are an ISV or a partner you know that you had better be thinking about how your product of service will continue to exist and be successful in the new cloud paradigm.

3. Private Cloud

Microsoft Private Cloud Announced!

At TechEd Europe we announced our Private Cloud solution: Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud . Hyper-V Cloud is a set of programs and offerings that makes it easier for businesses to build their own clouds.

You May Have a Private Cloud Already!

Worried about having to implement lots of new software to build your private cloud? You may not have to. Enterprises that have standardized on Windows Server 2008 R2 are, like as not, already have the tools to build a private cloud.

An Outside View of Microsoft’s Private Cloud Initiative

This article gives an objective look at Hyper-V Cloud from a non-Microsoft source.  

Hyper-V Survival Guide This is for the ISV who wants to know more about Hyper-V, the basis for Microsoft’s Private Cloud offering, Hyper-V Cloud.

Webcast: Delivering VKernel Chargeback Solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Initiatives

Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V and the System Center portfolio afford IT organizations flexibility in the dynamic delivery of IT services to end users. With the recent release of the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self Service Portal solution virtualized private cloud initiatives can now more effectively provide self-service provisioning and business models.

Cloud Got you on Edge?
If you are an ISV implementing a Software as a Service application that serves up blob data to globally remote locations you need to be aware that Microsoft has a growing list of 20 physical edge nodes that can be used to cache data locally.

More Clouds in New York

In a previous post we told you about how New York City has agreed to consolidate 45 separate Microsoft contracts into one $20 million multi-agency deal.

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