Buy CI/CD for Azure DevOps

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In this quickstart, you learn how to buy self-hosted or Microsoft-hosted CI/CD and change your paid Azure Pipelines capacity.

With Azure Pipelines, you can run builds and deploy releases by using the Microsoft-hosted agents, your own machines, or both. We offer a free tier for each. The free tier includes:

  • Five Azure DevOps users (Basic)
  • Free tier of Microsoft-hosted CI/CD (one concurrent job, up to 30 hours per month)
  • 2GB of Azure Artifacts storage
  • One self-hosted CI/CD concurrent job
  • 20,000 virtual user minutes of cloud-based load testing

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a subscription before you begin.

Microsoft-hosted CI/CD

Each organization starts out with the free tier of Microsoft-hosted CI/CD. This tier provides the ability to run one parallel build or release job, for up to 30 hours per month. If you need to run more than 30 hours per month, or you need to run more than one job at a time, you can switch to paid Microsoft-hosted CI/CD.

When you pay per parallel job, there are no monthly time limits for your builds and releases, and the maximum runtime for a single job is increased from 60 minutes to 6 hours. With Microsoft-hosted CI/CD, the price includes all infrastructure that Microsoft runs (virtual machines, databases, storage, and egress) to deliver this service.


When you purchase your first Microsoft-hosted parallel job, the number of parallel jobs you have in the organization still stays at one. This purchase only removes the limits on the free parallel job that you have. To run two jobs concurrently, you need to purchase two parallel jobs.

Public projects

If your pipelines are in a public project, then you run up to 10 free parallel jobs with unlimited minutes on Microsoft-hosted agents. If you need more, simply contact us.

Private projects

Buy Microsoft-hosted parallel jobs for your organization.

Self-hosted CI/CD

Azure Pipelines also offers you a way to run the agent on machines that you manage, whether your machines are on-premises or in the cloud. Typically, you'll choose this option in either of the following situations:

  • Custom software that runs in your build process is not included in the Microsoft-hosted option.
  • You already have an Azure DevOps Server build server running, and you aren't ready to move your build definitions to Azure Pipelines.

Self-hosted public projects

If your pipelines are in a public project, then you run up to 10 free parallel jobs with self-hosted agents. If you need more, simply contact us.

Self-hosted private projects

The free tier is one parallel job. In addition, you get one free parallel job for each Visual Studio Enterprise subscriber that is a member of your organization. You can get more using paid self-hosted parallel jobs.

Buy self-hosted parallel jobs


Ensure the following is true:

To make subsequent edits to paid quantities in your organization, you need only the owner or contributor role on your Azure subscription.


  1. As a project collection administrator or organization owner, sign in to either of the following:

  2. Select Get. (The following images represent Microsoft-hosted CI/CD, rather than Self-hosted, although the process is the same.)

    Select Get

  3. Select your organization, if you have multiple organizations. Then select Buy.

    Select your organization

  4. Confirm the Azure subscription that you'll use for billing. Then select Continue.

    If you have multiple Azure subscriptions, select the Azure subscription that you want to use. If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a new subscription now to use for billing. Azure DevOps billing FAQ

    For more information, see the Azure DevOps billing FAQ.

    Confirm or select your Azure subscription

  5. Select the number of parallel jobs that you want to buy, and then select Continue.

    Select the number of parallel jobs to buy

  6. Review your order and select Confirm.

    Review the hosted pipeline order

  7. To view your current CI/CD capacity, go to your organization and select Manage Pipelines.

    View CI/CD capacity in your organization

    Go to the organization toolbar > Manage Pipelines

    To return to Pipelines in your organization at any time, go to your organization toolbar, and then go to Pipelines ({yourorganization}/_admin/_buildQueue?_a=resourceLimits).

XAML build

The hosted XAML build controller is no longer supported. Organizations created on or after April 2016 don't have access to it. The hosted YAML model is our newest build model, and as a best practice, consider adopting it. Read more about it here.

Important: If you have an organization where you still need to run XAML builds, you should set up an on-premises build server and switch to an on-premises build controller now.

Clean up resources

When your team's needs for build or release capacity change, you can change the number of paid parallel jobs.

  1. Go to your organization toolbar, and then go to Pipelines ({yourorganization}/_admin/_buildQueue?_a=resourceLimits).

  2. Select Change for either Microsoft-hosted or self-hosted parallel jobs, which takes you to the Visual Studio Marketplace.

    Go to your organization toolbar > Pipelines > Change

  3. In the Visual Studio Marketplace, Azure DevOps tab, select Get. Select your organization, and then update your number of paid parallel jobs and confirm.

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