Quickstart: Change the project visibility, public or private

Azure DevOps Services - Public Projects

In this quickstart, you learn how to change the visibility of your project to and from public or private. You can easily switch a private project to a public project, and vice-versa. Before you do so, review the notes provided in Private-to-public migration checklist.


Look through our migration checklist before you make an existing project public. It has tips and ideas for exposing a limited set of data, in case you don't want your entire history available.


Enable anonymous access to projects for your organization

Before you can change a private project, to a public project, you must enable anonymous access for your organization.

  1. From your web browser, sign-in to Azure DevOps. You must be signed in to create a public project.

  2. Choose the Azure DevOps logo to open Projects. Then choose Organization settings.

    Open Organization settings

  3. Choose the Policies page, and select On for Allow public projects.

    Organization settings, Policy page, Security policies

Make a private project public, or a public project private

  1. Choose Project Settings in the sidebar.

    Open project settings

  2. Choose Overview.

  3. To switch from private to public, choose Public from the Visibility menu of options.

    Project Settings, Overview, Visibility

    To switch from public to private, choose Private from the Visibility menu of options.

  4. Choose Save.

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