Azure Pipelines with Microsoft Teams

If Microsoft Teams is your choice for collaboration, you can use the Azure Pipelines app built for Microsoft Teams to easily monitor the events for your pipelines. Set up and manage subscriptions for completed builds, releases, pending approvals and more from the app and get notifications for these events in your Teams channels.

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Add Azure Pipelines app to your team

Visit the App store in Microsoft Teams and search for the Azure Pipelines app. Upon installing, a welcome message from the app displays as shown in the following example. Use the @azure pipelines handle to start interacting with the app.

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Connect the Azure Pipelines app to your pipelines

Once the app is installed in your team, you can connect the app to the pipelines you want to monitor. The app asks you to sign in & authenticate to Azure Pipelines before running any commands.

Sign in prompt image

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To start monitoring a pipeline, use the following slash command inside a channel:

@azure pipelines subscribe [pipeline url]

The pipeline URL can be to any page within your pipeline that has a definitionId or buildId/releaseId present in the URL.

For example, for Build pipelines, use:

@azure pipelines subscribe

For Release pipelines, use:

@azure pipelines subscribe

For Build pipelines, the channel is subscribed to the Build completed notification, and for Release pipelines, the channel is subscribed to the Release deployment started, Release deployment completed, and Release deployment approval pending notifications.

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Add or remove subscriptions

To manage the subscriptions for a channel, use the following command:

@azure pipelines subscriptions

This command lists all of the current subscriptions for the channel and allows you to add/remove subscriptions.

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Approve release deployments from your channel

You can approve release deployments from within your channel without navigating to the Azure Pipelines portal by subscribing to the Release deployment approval pending notification (which happens by default when subscribing to any release pipeline).

Ready for approval

Whenever a deployment is pending for approval, a notification card with options to approve or reject the deployment is posted in the channel. Users can then review the details of the deployment in the notification and take action. In the following example, the deployment was approved and the approval status is displayed on the card.


The app supports all of the approval scenarios present in the Azure Pipelines portal, like single approver, multiple approvers (any one user, any order, in sequence), and teams as approvers. You can approve deployments as an individual or on behalf of a team.

Commands reference

Here are all the commands supported by the Azure Pipelines app:

Slash command Functionality
@azure pipelines subscribe [pipeline url] Subscribe to a pipeline to receive notifications
@azure pipelines subscriptions Add or remove subscriptions for this channel
@azure pipelines feedback Report a problem or suggest a feature
@azure pipelines help Get help on the slash commands
@azure pipelines signin Sign in to your Azure Pipelines account
@azure pipelines signout Sign out from your Azure Pipelines account


  • The user must be an admin of the project containing the pipeline to set up the subscriptions
  • Notifications are currently not supported inside chat/direct messages
  • Deployment approvals which have applied the Revalidate identity of approver before completing the approval policy are not supported