Enable preview features

Azure DevOps Services

As new features are introduced, you can turn them on or off. That way, you can try them out, provide feedback, and work with those features that meet your requirements.

Some features provide a new user interface and functionality, which can be managed per user or team member. Others support a default experience for the account and are managed by an account administrator.


You can turn on or off select features for Azure DevOps Services. Preview features become available first on Azure DevOps Services and then become standard features with an update to Azure DevOps Server. At some point, the preview feature moves out of preview status and becomes a regular feature of the web portal.

Some preview features provide access to entire new functionality. Others reflect a change to the user interface, but little or no change in functionality.

Preview features per user Preview features per organization

Enable features for your use

From time to time, a new feature is introduced in Preview mode, which allows you to turn it on or off.

  1. To access the Preview features options, open your profile menu, choose the  actions icon, and choose Preview features. The profile menu appears as shown below based on whether the New Account Manager feature has been enabled or not.

    New Account Manager enabled

    Open Preview Features

    Choose Azure DevOps profile to access your personal Azure DevOps settings, notifications, usage, and security settings.

    New Account Manager not enabled

    Open Preview Features

  2. To enable or disable a feature, choose the slider.

    Preview features options for yourself

Enable features at the organization level (for all users)

When you enable a feature at the organization level, you essentially turn it on for all users of your account. Each user can then disable the feature if they so choose.


If you don't see the for this account menu option, then you aren't an account administrator. To get added as one, see Add administrators, set permissions at the team project or collection level.

Preview features options for the account

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