Azure network round-trip latency statistics

Azure continuously monitors the latency (speed) of core areas of its network using internal monitoring tools as well as measurements collected by ThousandEyes, a third-party synthetic monitoring service.

How are the measurements collected?

The latency measurements are collected from ThousandEyes agents hosted in Azure cloud regions world-wide, which continuously send network probes between themselves, in 1-minute intervals. The monthly latency statistics are derived from averaging the collected samples for the month.

October 2019 latency figures

For the 31 days ending on October 31, 2019, monthly min and max round trip latency times within aggregated regions are:

  • 5 ms to 72 ms for round trips within North America regions.
  • 3 ms to 28 ms for round trips within Europe regions.
  • 4 ms to 134 ms for round trips within Asia regions.

The following inter-region latency measurements are powered by ThousandEyes. The measurement unit in the table below is in milliseconds(ms).

Azure inter-region latency statistics

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