Keep track of data during hunting


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Threat hunting typically requires reviewing mountains of log data looking for evidence of malicious behavior. During this process, investigators find events that they want to remember, revisit, and analyze as part of validating potential hypotheses and understanding the full story of a compromise. Hunting bookmarks help you do this, by preserving the queries you ran in Log Analytics, along with the query results that you deem relevant. You can also record your contextual observations and reference your findings by adding notes and tags. Bookmarked data is visible to you and your teammates for easy collaboration.

You can revisit your bookmarked data at any time on the Bookmark tab of the Hunting page. You can use filtering and search options to quickly find specific data for your current investigation. Alternatively, you can view your bookmarked data directly in the HuntingBookmark table in Log Analytics. This enables you to filter, summarize, and join bookmarked data with other data sources, making it easy to look for corroborating evidence.

You can also visualize your bookmarked data, by clicking Investigate. This launches the investigation experience in which you can view, investigate, and visually communicate your findings using an interactive entity-graph diagram and timeline.

Run a Log Analytics query from Azure Sentinel

  1. In the Azure Sentinel portal, click Hunting to run queries for suspicious and anomalous behavior.

  2. To run a hunting campaign, select one of the hunting queries and on the left, review the results.

  3. Click View query results in the hunting query Details page to view the query results in Log Analytics. Here's an example of what you see if you ran a custom SSH bruteforce attack query.

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Add a bookmark

  1. In the Log Analytics query results list, expand the row containing the information that you find interesting.

  2. Select the ellipsis (...) at the end of the row, and select Add hunting bookmarks.

  3. On the right, in the Details page, update the name, and add tags, and notes to help you identify what was interesting about the item.

  4. Click Save to commit your changes. All bookmarked data is shared with other investigators, and is a first step toward a collaborative investigation experience.

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You can also use bookmarks with arbitrary Log Analytics queries launched from the Azure Sentinel Log Analytics Logs page, or queries created on the fly from the Log Analytics page and opened from the Hunting page. You will not be able to add a bookmark if you launch Log Analytics from outside of Azure Sentinel.

View and update bookmarks

  1. In the Azure Sentinel portal, click Hunting.

  2. Click the Bookmarks tab in the middle of the page to view the list of bookmarks.

  3. Use the search box or filter options to find a specific bookmark.

  4. Select individual bookmarks in the grid below to view the bookmark details in the right hand details pane.

  5. To update tags and notes, click on the editable text boxes and click Save to preserve your changes.

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View bookmarked data in Log Analytics

There are multiple options to viewing your bookmarked data in Log Analytics.

The easiest way to view bookmarked queries, results, or history is by selecting the desired bookmark in the Bookmarks table and use the links provided in the details pane. Options include:

  • Click on View query to view the source query in Log Analytics.

  • Click on View bookmark history to see all bookmark metadata including: who made the update, the updated values, and the time the update occurred.

  • You can also view the raw bookmark data for all bookmarks by clicking on Bookmark logs above the bookmark grid. This view will show the all your bookmarks in the hunting bookmark table with associated metadata. You can use KQL queries to filter down to the latest version of the specific bookmark you are looking for.


There can be significant delay (measured in minutes) between the creation of a bookmark and when it is displayed in the HuntingBookmark table. It is recommended to create your bookmarks first, then analyze them after the data is ingested.

Delete a bookmark

If you want to delete a bookmark do the following:

  1. Open th Hunting bookmark tab.
  2. Select the target bookmark.
  3. Select the ellipsis (...) at the end of the row and select Delete bookmark.

Deleting the bookmark removes the bookmark from the list in the Bookmark tab. The Log Analytics “HuntingBookmark” table will continue to contain previous bookmark entries, but the latest entry will change the SoftDelete value to true, making it easy to filter out old bookmarks. Deleting a bookmark does not remove any entities from the investigation experience that are associated with other bookmarks or alerts.

Next steps

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