C++ Standard Library Header Files

Header files for the C++ Standard Library and extensions, by category.

Headers by category

Category Headers
Algorithms <algorithm>
C library wrappers <cassert>, <cctype>, <cerrno>, <cfenv>, <cfloat>, <cinttypes>, <ciso646>, <climits>, <clocale>, <cmath>, <csetjmp>, <csignal>, <cstdarg>, <cstdbool>, <cstddef>, <cstdint>, <cstdio>, <cstdlib>, <cstring>, <ctgmath>, <ctime>, <cwchar>, <cwctype>
Sequence containers <array>, <deque>, <forward_list>, <list>, <vector>
Ordered associative containers <map>, <set>
Unordered associative containers <unordered_map>, <unordered_set>
Adaptor containers <queue>, <stack>
Errors and exception handling <exception>, <stdexcept>, <system_error>
I/O and formatting <filesystem>, <fstream>, <iomanip>, <ios>, <iosfwd>, <iostream>, <istream>, <ostream>, <sstream>, <streambuf>, <strstream>
Iterators <iterator>
Localization <codecvt>, <cvt/wbuffer>, <cvt/wstring>, <locale>
Math and numerics <complex>, <limits>, <numeric>, <random>, <ratio>, <valarray>
Memory Management <allocators>, <memory>, <new>, <scoped_allocator>
Multithreading <atomic>, <condition_variable>, <future>, <mutex>, <shared_mutex>, <thread>
Other utilities <bitset>, <chrono>, <functional>, <initializer_list>, <tuple>, <type_traits>, <typeinfo>, <typeindex>, <utility>
Strings and character data <regex>, <string>, <string_view>

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