Welcome to .NET

See "Getting Started with .NET Core" to learn how to create a simple .NET Core app.

You can build many types of apps with .NET, such as cloud, IoT and games. Your app can run on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. There are free tools that you can use to build apps or games. You can deploy them on servers or desktops or publish them to app stores. It's accessible to students.



This documentation will show you how to build an app from scratch. Key sections:

Open Source

Many parts of .NET are built by open source contributors. You can contribute to this .NET Documentation. You can also read the source of and contribute to .NET products, including .NET Core and Xamarin. Key projects from Microsoft have been contributed to the .NET Foundation.


You can join other people who are already active in the .NET community, to find out what's new or ask for help.